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pulling tool storage pegboard space saver rack organizer ideaThese days, more and more people are turning to wall units for storage instead of the usual cabinets because they’re a better space saving solution. That’s because they save storage space and wall space. Pull out pegboard tool storage rack systems with hooks and holders for crib areas are pull-out sliding tacks that incorporate densely punched steel panels on moving frames to store a wide range of tools and tool holders for a robust, effective, flexible, and cost-effective tool storage system. Our pull out pegboard tool storage is ideal for pegboard wall storage. These pull-out racks are used by many repair shops for larger truck and automotive manufacturers for faster repairs and cost savings; now, the racks are available for tool cribs and other tool storage applications.

why pull out pegboard racks?

Studies show that the average technician spends 20 minutes searching for a certain or unique tool before giving up and using what’s more readily available instead. This may not seem like much, but when you multiply this by the number of times in a single day and per week this happens, the labor rate or the technician, and the potential damage caused by using the wrong tools, the real cost goes far beyond 20 minutes of wasted time. In addition, unique and specialty tools need to be monitored, and the usual method of storing tools in cabinets or casings don’t allow quick inventory, so it’s hard to tell which tools are actually available for use. Large locking cabinets can be expensive and require a large amount of space.

Why should you get a metal pegboard rack? This kind of rack makes it easier to find and reach tools and other hardware resources. The pull out pegboard tool storage rack systems use pegboard hooks and holdings to provide quick visual organization of special tools and reduces time spent searching by allowing one location to refer to and manage in crib areas. Shadowing the tools for quick placement in their correct locations is easy and fast. The pull out pegboard racks are a step above the competition due to their compact nature—for example, six moving panels and two fixed panels equal the same storage capacity as thirty two 37″ x 19″ drawers, all in a footprint less than 5′ x 4′. The pegboards also offer a wide variety of tool holders for a wide range of mounting options. We also have other pegboard accessories to help you customize your peg board, such as the peg lock, peg hook, etc.

3 Pull out pegboard panel model Specifications

Units are available with 3 pull out steel pegboard frames with 6 panelssliding pull out pegboard tool storage rack tool storage with hooks 5 panel

  • Durable steel tube construction with upper frame supports and for moving panels
  • Three rolling frames with ball bearing rollers with densely punched round holes
  • 6 full size panels (38” Wide by 80” High)
  • Assembled Dims: 54.5” W x 86.5” H x 46.5” D (138.5 cm x 220 cm x 118.2 cm)
  • 79” deep (201cm) clear space required for pulling out panels
  • Floor mounts for anchoring
  • Five year Limited Warranty
  • Powder coat paint finish

5 Pull out pegboard panel model specifications

The 5 panel pegboard compact stand includes 10 moving panels. Adding two fixed panels gives an equivalent capacity of forty eight (48) 37” x 19” drawers in a footprint less than 8′ wide x 4′ deep. The five pull out pegboard panel model comes with the same construction features mentioned above.

  • Assembled Dims: 93.75” W x 86.5” H x 46.5” D (238.2 cm x 220 cm x 118.2 cm)
  • Five rolling frames with 10 panels (38” wide by 80” high) densely punched
  • 79” deep (201cm) clear space required for pulling out panels
  • Round hole panels on certain models
  • Floor mounts for anchoring
  • Five year Limited Warranty
  • Power coat paint finish


Accessories include screwdriver holders, multi-tool holders, and bottle holders.

tool holder accessory pegboard glider system

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