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Rousseau Modular Drawer Cabinets and Modular Shelving Drawers

Southwest Solutions Group® sells and service Rousseau Modular Drawer Cabinets and modular shelving drawers throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi (view modular drawer cabinets images). Modular drawer cabinets and modular shelving drawers are perfect for storing and securing small and medium-size parts.

Advantages of Rousseau Modular Drawer Cabinets

Using modular drawer cabinets to store small parts has several storage advantages compared to plastic bins for parts. Some of the advantages of storing small parts in modular drawers include:

  • Space Savings. Storing small parts in modular drawers is about 50% more space-efficient compared to plastic storage bins.
  • Enhanced Productivity. Modular drawers provide access to more parts at one time compared to plastic bins, making retrieval and restocking quicker and easier.
  • Security. Modular drawers can be locked to secure parts.
  • Dust Protection. Closed drawers protect inventory from dust.
  • Professional Image. Modular drawers hide clutter providing a clean professional image.

Rousseau Modular Shelving Drawers

Now you can make your shelving more efficient with Rousseau modular shelving drawers. We make modular drawers that insert into all types of steel shelving. Locating drawers in the golden zone (from the knees to waist height) promotes good ergonomics and enhances parts picking accuracy and productivity (modular drawers installed into shelving).

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Wide Range of Modular Drawer Sizes To Meet Your Needs

Modular drawers come in numerous heights ranging from 2″ to 15″ and drawer widths from 30″ to 60″. Modular drawer interiors can be easily partitioned and subdivided to organize small parts for space efficiency and productivity.

Modular Drawer Storage Planning Assistance

Southwest Solutions Group specializes in designing and installing storage systems for small parts. Contact us at 1-800-803-1083 and let one of our material handling storage professionals help you design an efficient modular drawer storage system for your facility.

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