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With Modular Shelving Drawers and Modular Drawer Cabinets, your facility will be able to increase productivity and save valuable floor space (view Modular Drawer Cabinets image gallery). Did you know that storing parts in modular drawers is up to 70% more space efficient than shelving using plastic bins? Did you know that modular drawers increase worker productivity? Deter pilferage? If you want to make your facility more space efficient and productive then keep reading.

Modular Drawers Versus Plastic Bin Storage

Are you currently using plastic bins to store your small parts? While plastic bins may seem to be a more economical choice for storing small parts, you’re probably wasting more storage space than your saving. Consider the following points and decide for yourself if modular drawers aren’t a better investment compared to plastic bins.

  • Modular drawers are up to 70% more space efficient than plastic bins. They come in numerous heights to match the size of the parts being stored, and the interiors are very flexible and easily partitioned for more efficient space utilization.
  • Modular drawers increase productivity compared to plastic bins. Modular drawers allow you to see and access more parts at one time and can give you access up to 90% more parts than standard plastic bins. This results in more efficient organization and quicker access to small parts like o-rings and fuses.
  • Modular  shelving system provides better ergonomics. Highly active parts can be located at waist level to make access to them quick and convenient while eliminating inconvenient locations where climbing and bending are required.
  • Modular drawers provide better inventory control. They can be ordered with optional locks to provide security from inventory pilferage.
  • A modular shelving unit provides protection from dust. It’s a “closed drawer shelving system” not an “open bin system”. Closed drawers will provide a cleaner environment protecting your inventory from dust.
  • Modular drawers improve the aesthetics of your organization. They will hide clutter providing a clean professional image.

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Implementing modular drawers into your shelving system is easy; we’ve done it before. In fact, we can install modular drawers in over 35 different brands of shelving. It’s easy to make your parts storage system more efficient because our installation is quick and easy.

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