PPE safety stock supply cabinets eliminate waste from workplace

ppe safety stock supply cabinetsNew and improved personal protective equipment (PPE) safety stock supply cabinets offer the perfect solution to help industry-leading experts eliminate waste from their workplace. A Kanban board and Bluetooth technology-controlled locks allow the industrial storage to assist employees with managing inventory while tracking user access. Its design and installation resulted from a meeting involving discussion about areas in production that present potential for waste such as unused employee ideas. Others that make up the remaining seven standard sins of waste include:

  • Defects
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Over-processing
  • Overproduction
  • Transportation
  • Waiting

Organizing PPE, or personal protective equipment, became an absolute nightmare. Coordinating shop floor laborers needs with those from the purchasing team proved difficult as well due to the nature of the process. So, decision makers brainstormed with employees to figure how best to eliminate the existing problems focused on waste. Continue reading to learn more about how input from staff and using systems from a specialized product line helped create coordination from total chaos.

PPE safety stock supply cabinets unique to user applications

Taking time out to consult with employees about existing problems and proposed solutions provided an opportunity to eliminate unused employee ideas right from the start. One issue causing concern involved the PPE process and how the purchasing team only learned about what to reorder once inventory reached out of stock status. Without indicators in place to tell when something was low, purchasing became complete guesswork. This compounded waste in inventory since unused gear would sit stockpiled, creating waste in the “waiting” category because certain jobs could not be completed until proper safety equipment became available. Creating the proposed PPE safety stock supply cabinets would require using tools available as standard features that belong to a specialized product line with famed toughness and soft personal touches which make it unique to the user application.

Industrial storage for better inventory management organization & security

kanban board industrial storageExperts built PPE safety stock supply cabinets with standard features like exterior magnetic labeling and interior shelf labels and dividers to create an industrial storage unit that promotes better inventory management and organization. Shelving dividers help keep stock separate while labels make identifying items and their respective reordering point easier. This arrangement allows employees to recognize when the stock reaches a low point and needs reordering.

Whenever necessary, staff use the Kanban board made from exterior labels and magnets to determine if stock needs reordering. Those working in the purchasing department check the PPE safety stock supply cabinets to verify items requiring reordering. That same personnel then moves the magnetic label to the “On Order” category, which puts shop employees on notice that the new equipment is on its way. Taking this approach eliminates any guesswork on the purchasing side and ensures no inventory gets wasted while reducing time spent waiting on new equipment. Units secure using Bluetooth master locks to ensure the industrial storage won’t let stock leave without approval.

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