Lean Manufacturing with Horizontal Carousels

lean manufacturing horizontal carouselLean manufacturing with horizontal carousels and stockroom automation picking helps reduce waste for this warehousing facility. Read below to learn how using lean manufacturing techniques and automated storage and retrieval systems allowed the facility to improve overall efficiency and maximize profits while saving space and increasing accuracy. Click here to learn more about the 5 key benefits of horizontal carousels.

Reduce Waste with Picking Automation

Before the horizontal carousels were installed, the facility stored over 10,000 SKUs on bulk shelving. Picking operations were time-consuming and redundant with pickers visiting the same spot 10 or 12 times per day for separate work orders. To reduce waste and implement lean manufacturing techniques, the facility replaced the stockroom shelves with four horizontal carousels and picking automation software.

Previously, employees would need to manually pick one order at a time. The horizontal carousels and automated system changed the way orders are processed, allowing the carousel operator to initiate up to six orders at once. Automated storage and retrieval have increased accuracy to just below 99%.

The facility has also been able to reduce waste and labor requirements. While the previous system required five people to pick orders from shelves, the stockroom now only needs three employees with the carousels.

In addition to labor reduction, the horizontal carousels also allowed the facility to recover floor space and store all parts in one building. With 42% space savings, the need for extra expense for off-site storage was eliminated.stockroom automation picking reduce waste

Horizontal Carousel Automation Benefits

  • 70% of all parts stored in horizontal carousels
  • Operators can initiate up to six orders at once instead of one at a time
  • Pick lights increase cycle count accuracy during picking
  • Operator wait time is virtually eliminated
  • 40% labor savings
  • 42% floor space savings
  • Eliminated $4,000 previously used for off-site monthly storage
  • 99% picking accuracy
  • 18 month ROI

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