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overhead multiple direction fans cool dairy & livestock barnsConventional fans, in reality, do anything but push hot, stale air around without actually cooling it. Hot and unventilated air can have numerous consequences; in some cases it’s uncomfortable and leads to decreased productivity, and it others it can be a huge danger to both your workers and livestock. You could potentially be dealing with costly worker’s compensation claims and injured, sick livestock because of heat-related injuries and poor ventilation. Overhead multiple direction fans are an easy solution for cooling dairy and livestock barns, poultry houses, riding areas, turkey or hog buildings, and other livestock facilities while also providing the additional benefits of moisture and insect control, employee comfort, drying of bedding, and more.

How overhead multiple direction fans keep barns cool

The 7′ ceiling fans create a directional air flow of extreme velocity that cools barn occupants, controls insects, keeps floors and bedding dry, and improves the air quality along with the overall comfort of both livestock and workers. The airfoil deflectors are completely adjustable and can be adjusted for a two directional or one directional setup, allowing better use of the airflow depending on your particular cooling needs. In fact, just one of the directional ceiling fans can replace four large single-speed panel-aisle fans or eight 36″ basket fans while using only half of the power during its operation.

Harsh summer heat not only negatively impacts worker production–it impacts animals as well. Heat can negatively affect livestock’s daily feed intake, weight gain, milk production, and reproductive performance. The cooling and air circulation provided by the fan can lower the temperatures in dairy and livestock barns by 6-8 degrees. This cooling is proven to result in increased milk production in cows in addition to more productive employees and increased energy savings. The fans can also be run at a low speed to cycle heat down in winter months and keep livestock from freezing.overhead directional fan cools livestock & dairy barns

Benefits Of cooling multiple direction fans

There are numerous other benefits of overhead multiple direction fans for cooling dairy and livestock barns, including:

  • Ability to reach difficult-to-access areas
  • Throws air 100 ft on both sides for total floor coverage of 200′ x 35′
  • Creates air curtains for most efficient cycling of airflow
  • Extremely efficient and quiet operation on all speeds
  • Adjustable air foils can reduce HVAC costs up to 50%
  • Moves in excess of 80,000 cfm
  • Variable speed frequency drive for use throughout the year
  • Can be used on low speed during winter and high speed during summer
  • Each fan covers more than 6000 sq. ft. of floor space and can be used on ceilings up to 40′ in height
  • Can be mounted on steel post, building column, or suspended from the ceiling

Technical Specifications

  • Equipped and compliant with ESFR control relays and are fully UL approvedmultiple directional overhead fans for cooling dairy & livestock farms
  • Weighs 375 lbs fully assembled
  • Belt drive runs on 300 rpm on high and 50 rpm on low
  • Heavy duty pulley and bearing assembly
  • Balanced 6 ft corrosion resistant 6 paddle aluminum blade
  • 6 directional air flow deflectors
  • Motor is 2.2 kw on high and 0.3 kw on low 230/460 VAC

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