CSI 23 34 00 & 23 34 39 HVAC air destratification fans

csi 23 34 00 hvac fansWithout a proper ventilation system, not only is your facility hot, humid, and uncomfortable for employees, but you could also be putting your workers at serious risk and losing a substantial amount of money in lost productivity. For every rise in temperature, productivity falls by 2%; in addition, heat, humidity, and condensation increase the risk of worker illness and heat-related injury, slipping, or even equipment failure. You can avoid this altogether and make your facility a more comfortable, productive place to work with CSI 23 34 00 HVAC fans and 23 34 39 air destratification fans with air curtains, and affordable and effective alternative to costly HVAC equipment or inefficient basket fans.

types of 23 34 00 HVAC fans

A wide variety of fans in many different sizes are available for you to act as or supplement your existing HVAC system, no matter the size or type of your facility. All of these HVAC fans are quiet and energy efficient, allowing you to experience year-round savings and comfort no matter which type you choose. In addition, all of the fans are designed to be able to work as a system so you can experience even more benefits when all three are installed together.

23 34 39 air destratification fans with air curtains

Large diameter HVLS fans are built specifically to cover large areas with constantly moving air flow and air curtains. These fans can provide ventilation, cooling, and even heating since, unlike most HVLS fans, these fans can be run in reverse at the same efficiency and without negatively impacting its 15-year warranty. These air destratification fans even out temperatures in your facility, reduce condensation, operate quietly, are energy efficient, and are extremely inexpensive to operate. Patented tubercle-style blades allow the fans to move more air with less blades and less noise. Available in 6′, 12′, 16′, 20′, and 24′ diameters with custom sizing available.

7ft directional fans are ideal additions to the HVLS fans, and are also effective alternatives if your facility can’t accommodate an HVLS fan. The fans are perfect for high rack aisles with their adjustable air foils that allow you to customize your air flow, which can be configured for one or two-directional setup. The directional fans can be mounted on a freestanding steel post or building column or can be suspended from the ceiling.

Exhaust turbines are installed into your roof to exhaust air and fumes. They are completely wind-driven and require no electricity or wiring costs. The turbines help reduce temperatures by exhausting the heat trapped in the ceiling and replace it with cool air overnight, and also exhaust air pollutants and fumes that can be harmful to employees. They are specifically designed to stand up to adverse weather to guarantee long-lasting use.

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