the right fan at the right pricechoosing the right HVLS directional or exhaust fans for your facility

So you’ve decided to install energy efficient fans to help reduce heat, humidity, and moisture, cool occupants, save energy, and provide winter heating. But with all the different types of fans out there, how do you know which one would give you the best return on investment? This article will provide an overview of our HVLS, directional, and exhaust fans so we can help you with choosing the right fan for your facility. (See videos)

the different types of fans

Choosing the right fan for your facility is important for maximizing its energy efficient operation.

airflow for HVLS large diameter fans & exhaust fans

HVLS fans: High velocity low speed (HVLS) fans are the easiest method for destratifying large floor areas with high ceilings. The HVLS fans offer the widest variety, with 8′, 12′, 16′, 20′, and 24′ diameters to choose from. These fans provide the least operational cost per square foot and are best for non-restricted ceilings. The higher the ceiling, the bigger the fan. The fans require a minimum of 1 HP motor power and consumes 644 W per 5,024 square feet, and a maximum of 2 HP motor power at 1,403 W per 41,526 square feet.

Directional fans: The 7 foot directional fans have adjustable airfoil deflectors so you can customize your airflow to blow in one or two directions. The directional fans feature extremely quiet operation and are best for smaller areas and areas with ceiling restrictions, since the directional fans don’t have to be mounted from the ceiling. The directional fans are ideal for areas with high rack aisles, large turkey or hog buildings, dairy barns, processing plants, stadiums, and in manufacturing or warehousing buildings.

7ft directional fans with adjustable airfoil deflectorsWind-driven exhaust turbines: The exhaust fans can be installed as a standalone system or in addition to the HVLS fans. When installed alongside an HVLS fanning system, the turbines provide even better ventilation, cooling, and even more energy savings since they require no electricity or wiring.

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