Hazmat flammable liquid cabinet for health & safety

hazmat cabinet flammable liquid cabinetA hazmat cabinet or flammable liquid cabinet covered in an attractive bright yellow paint promotes workplace health and safety while making chemicals easy to recognize. Each complies with expert mandated standards to ensure NFPA code 30 and OSHA approved storage that protects against hazards resulting from handling combustible solvents. Available in many size configurations to meet user needs, users can adjust or add shelves to accommodate varying sizes or extra containers. Optional polyethylene trays are available to offer extra protection if desired.

NFPA code 30 & OSHA storage offers fire-resistant protection

The NFPA code 30 and OSHA-compliant storage features all-welded 18-gauge double-wall construction with 1.5″ of insulating air space offering fire-resistant protection. Screen flame arrester vents on each side of the cabinet (one high and one low) are threaded to accept standard 2″ pipe for external exhaust. Included features such as four zinc-plated leveling legs provide the cabinet with stability. Another, including a 2″ high leak-proof bottom pan prevents leakage from unexpected spills.

Hazmat flammable liquid cabinet for optimal storage

nfpa code 30 osha storageThe hazmat cabinet or flammable liquid cabinet comes with a single heavy-duty ribbed, galvanized steel shelf with a load capacity of 350 lbs. per shelf. Users can adjust shelves on 3″ vertical centers to create optimal storage conditions. A black, flush-mounted handle design provides users with easy fingertip operation. It features a double key set and allows using a secure padlock to keep hazardous chemicals from causing users harm. A self-closing door features a manual latch with a fusible link. The latch holds the door open when in use. It will release to close the door with automatic ease when temperatures reach 165 degrees, keeping stored chemicals safe from fire damage.

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