Compressing Storage Racks and Shelving Saves Valuable Floor Space

compress storage shelving bins warehouse shelves rolling on rails to compress together

Compression storage systems compress material handling storage, using less floor space than both traditional static and stationary shelving. Compression storage systems are shelving or racks that are mounted on platforms that roll back and forth on tracks creating a movable access aisle. Compressing industrial racks and storage shelving together eliminates all but one or two access aisles saving about 50% of your floor space (view more photos of compressed warehouse storage systems).

Compressed Industrial Shelving and Racks Centralize Storage to Improve Productivity

The compressed storage shelving and racks will double your storage capacity in the same space, which allows you to consolidate your stored items into one main area. Employees and staff no longer have to wander around looking in alternate storage rooms and areas for stored inventory, which will improve their productivity.

A Compression Storage System Provides a Quick Return On Investment (ROI)

rolling compression shelving system with wheels on tracks for compressing storage

Compression storage systems will provide you with a quick return on your investment. You can build smaller warehouse storage areas and lease less building space, because compressed storage shelving and racks use less floor space. Having a smaller warehouse space will permit you to save money on overhead costs like air conditioning, insurance, heating, and lighting.

LEAN Manufacturing with Compressed Storage Shelving and Racks

Investing in a compressing storage system for your distribution or manufacturing facility will assist with LEAN manufacturing initiatives. Compressed storage shelving and racks are part of a sustainable cost effective storage system because the system can be reconfigured, reused, and relocated any time you make a layout or space change.

Designing and Planning Compression Industrial Storage Systems

Southwest Solutions Group has been compressing shelving and racks for industrial storage applications since 1969. Our trained sales representatives are knowledgeable in ADA and Fire Code compliance, floor load implications, and innovative layout designs to bring you the best value, code compliance, and efficient solutions. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email to see how a compressing storage system will benefit your business.

Compressed Industrial Shelving Brochures

See below for brochures on compressed storage shelving and other industrial compressing storage racks.