Safer organized & accessible cold storage beer keg system

cold storage beer keg systemCold storage containing a beer keg system with cooler racks provides a distributor warehouse racking solution to improve safety and space. Its design includes user-operated push-button controls which facilitate carriage movement when needing to compact rows into a smaller space-saving footprint. Users have access to as much as 50% more space in far less time than it would take to add an expansion. Press it again to create a single movable aisle that opens to ensure safe access whenever needed.

Experts installed the mobile unit as a solution to the one problem facility managers often face. It focuses on wanting to store the most stock in minimal space while still needing to maintain safe and convenient item access. A large beer distributorship where owners had dissatisfied feelings towards the cooler storage found itself dealing with this exact situation. It featured static racking that could not manage the frequent inventory fluctuation. Extra kegs would often end up on the floor disorganized, making item and aisle access unsafe and inconvenient.

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Aware that improving safety and organization would require rethinking their keg storage, one owner enlisted help from a operations manager. Asked to look into a specialized cold storage beer keg system with cooler racks, he placed a call to a local consultant. The expert did many things while visiting the facility, including:

  • Explaining how the flexible, cost-saving solution moves to compact rows and maximize space.
  • Conducting a space analysis to determine how many barrels could fit in the freezer.
  • Providing an affordable quote that fit the budget.

Then, warehouse racking would be inside the area enclosed by four large load-bearing columns sat in the middle of the freezer. It would allow the distributor to have a safer solution with the space to keep barrels organized while ensuring more efficient access to SKUs. The owners agreed and quickly approved the plan. A local expert installation crew installed the mobile system and trained warehouse staff on its operation. Employees loaded slower-moving and specialty SKUs onto the system. Faster-moving SKUs were moved to the perimeter to create safer, more organized accessibility to barrels stored in less space.

Warehouse racking allows distributor to improve customer service & more

cooler racks warehouse racking distributorThe space-saving mobile warehouse racking allowed the distributor to improve customer service while helping create a safer, more efficient work environment. The system saved the facility a lot while allowing it to gain more than imagined, according to the head operations manager. Easy-to-install, it can integrate with existing shelves and have other safety features to prevent physical injury.

Watch a video on how compactable warehouse pallet racking saves space.

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