Wall Hanging Air Curtains

wall hanging air curtains warehouse office retail grocery door airflow storage

Commercial wall hanging air curtains or warehouse, office, retail, and grocery door airflow storage can maintain indoor air quality to save energy, reducing air loss. Have experts install systems above or next to building access points. While helping save floor space, it keeps clean air flowing to prevent dust from invading the area. Personnel working inside avoid feeling sick or faint due to smelling unpleasant odors and fumes and can focus on workflow demands. Facilities have fewer insect problems, saving money on exterminator services and maintain a cleaner workplace.

Able to use underused areas while installing the wall hanging air curtains, experts help facilities avoid wasting space. Staff working in many industries have clean access to quality airflow while in high-traffic areas and maintain their health. Facilities then have fewer employees out sick and maintain efficient productivity during more competitive times of the year. Available configurations include an easy-to-operate remote control that simplifies use.

Fan: Two-speed fan operation able to output 816 CFM on low setting and 990 CFM on high setting.

Mounting: Systems allow secure mounting above or next to doors (hardware included) during installation to save space.

Electrical Details:

Cord Length: Power cord measures five feet in length.

Voltage: 120 Volts

Wattage: 425

Amperage: 3.5

Assembly: Units ship assembled to allow easy installation and speed use.

Certifications: UL listed.

Warranty: Manufacturer’s limited one-year warranty.

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