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Efficient manual assist mobile high density shelving

manual assist moible high density shelvingA community seeking to bring together those that devote their lives to serve and protect others voted to approve the construction of new multi-million dollar public safety building in the heart of a major metropolitan city. It was to be where the neighborhood emergency response team, fire department, and police force would call home. However, once the decision had been made to have the three departments work from one central location, issues concerning collaboration, efficiency, function, and safety proved to be quite a challenge. And since the building would be situated in a highly desirable area of town, the cost of property was higher and there wasn't a lot of space to work with. This prompted the planning committee to rethink the issue of storage. After careful consideration, it was decided that a combination of manual assist mobile high density shelving and self storage public safety lockers would be the most efficient way to serve and protect citizens once the conversion was complete. Click here to see how manual assist mobile high density shelving optimizes floor space. 

Space-saving manual assist mobile high density shelving

With the help of manual assist mobile high density shelving, the planning committee was able to make efficient use of available space and allocate enough storage for all three departments to coexist in harmony while working to keep the community safe. This was accomplished simply because the system is designed to take up less space than conventional storage methods. It works just by turning a handle that is located on the outside panel. Once in motion, the carriages of this manual assist high density shelving compact and eliminate the need for traditional access aisles in the process. Once the system has moved, an open aisle or two is all that remains. This means access to case-sensitive evidence is confined to that particular aisle, leaving other confidential information undisturbed. In addition, because manual assist mobile shelving is made for optimal flexibility and adapts to an existing footprint, the planning committee was able to meet all departmental needs without expanding operations to a connecting warehouse. See our police storage products online at our store.

Self storage public safety lockers built with safety in mind

self storage public safety lockersAreas of the building - including the employee fitness center, motorcycle garage and SWAT team room - were fitted with several sets of self storage public safety lockers. Built was safety in mind, these served as a safe, secure place for police, firemen and EMS technicians to store anything when answering a call for help. The adaptability of these systems make them easy to configure as needs change. Adjustable accessory components such as internal drawers, a support rail or lockable box kit help store everything from weapons and gear to personal apparel and uniforms, while providing a little personal touch to a no-nonsense environment. Click here to familiarize yourself with self storage public safety lockers.

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