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Last updated: June 23, 2016

Machine shop computer enclosures allow for storage capacity

machine shop computer enclosuresThe growth of technology over the past three decades has forced many businesses to reevaluate how they operate just to keep up with the natural order of progression. This is particularly true of industrial workplaces, where manual labor was once considered the main source for productivity. Going from manual to computerized operation has created an increased need for machine shop computer enclosures, which serve as adequate storage for computer systems used in industrial settings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and automotive garages. These dust free PC mobile storage wheeled cabinets are also available as stationary and wall-mounted units. Mobile and stationary options come with an adjustable shelf to help you arrange the system to fit your exact storage needs or accommodate additional storage capacity. Buy dust free computer enclosures online.

Dust free PC mobile storage wheeled cabinets for productivity

Although design options of these machine shop computer enclosures are efficient storage solutions for computers, the dust free PC mobile storage wheeled cabinets offer a bit more flexibility than the stationary and wall-mounted units. This is because they feature several pairs of casters, allowing for the system to be moved elsewhere, bringing closer to the point-of-need for improved productivity. The range of storage accessibility is also improved because of its transportability.

Features of machine shop computer enclosures add functional efficiency

dust free pc mobile storage wheeled cabinetsCrafted from painted steel, both stationary and mobile design options for these machine shop computer enclosures include features that allow it to function at the highest standard for improved efficiency. These include:

  • A back panel that supports easy installation of your computer system
  • Its fan with filter prohibits dust from entering, while also assisting with proper air circulation
  • The demagnetized polycarbonate surface protects the screen, while also allowing for image distortion to be avoided
  • Good wrist support is provided by the palm rest on the keyboard drawer of some models, when consulting digitized data
  • Personalized configurations are also possible
  • L3 lock included with wall mounted machine shop computer enclosures

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