Heavy steel computer cabinets solve manufacturing facility problem

heavy steel computer cabinetsHeavy steel computer cabinets that can withstand harsh treatment common among an active shipping dock while offering protection to valuable equipment used on shop floors served as the right solution to a problem facing a large independent aluminum billet manufacturer. Their construction includes built-in airflow fans, power strips and lockable doors that allow the industrial shop storage to provide proper ventilation while accommodating electrical needs and offering security. Continue reading to learn more about how the systems ended up helping improve the lean process the company longed to achieve.

The facility needing to acquire the heavy steel computer cabinets stands as a leading producer of high-quality homogenized 6XXX series aluminum logs and cut billets for the aluminum extrusion and forging manufacturing industries using world-class “remelt” technology. Aluminum is one of the most environmentally friendly metals on Earth and the company stands firm behind “Green” initiatives. Their high standards drove them to work with a leading material handling company who, with experience and knowledge about warehouse and manufacturing goods got in touch with a leading industrial storage maker to help the large independent aluminum billet manufacturer find a solution to their problem.

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Wanting to protect valuable equipment, the aluminum billet maker needed computer cabinets made from heavy-duty construction on their shipping dock. With fork truck traffic present in the busy manufacturing facility, the chosen solution needed the ability to handle potential accidents while still protecting standard computer equipment. With the requirements in mind, experts made the recommendation to use durable heavy 12-gauge steel computer cabinets which the industrial storage maker offers as a solution.

With their one-piece wrap around body design, units can endure the rigors of an active shipping dock while protecting computer hardware such as keyboards, monitors, printers, and towers from possible damage that could result in premature malfunction. Included features such as built-in airflow fans provide ventilation to keep air moving and minimize dust accumulation while enabling electronics to stay cool. Others, including integrated power strips provide accommodation for electrical needs while lockable doors located on the top and bottom allow users to secure the cabinets. The computers receiving protection from the heavy steel computer cabinets served important functions, including printing shipping labels direct from the dock to save time for the production floor.

Partnering colleague believes in heavy steel computer cabinets maker

airflow fans power strips industrial shop storageWith so many cabinet manufacturers offering quality and sturdy industrial storage solutions such as the heavy steel computer cabinets, the colleague from the partnering company didn’t shy away from acknowledging his right to choose who he represents. In cases where customers trust you to offer quality and durable computer cabinets, only one with a long-standing history of providing solutions that fit those exact requirements stands out above all the rest.

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