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Last updated: May 18, 2016

How long term evidence storage works

long term evidence storageThe availability of space for a state crime lab had reached a critical point. They needed a viable storage solution that would allow for them to utilize their existing space in an improved capacity, without breaking the chain of custody.  Long-term evidence storage in the form of mobile shelving systems for securing property was the answer to all of their problems. Not only did it meet their immediate needs, but the mobile shelving systems also provided the crime lab with the flexibility they needed to accommodate growth in the future. This was easily accomplished because of how the long term evidence storage system is designed to work. It shrinks the space used for storage into about half that of traditional shelving when an ergonomically-designed turn handle or powered push button is engaged. Excess aisles are then eliminated, allowing for optimal space utilization to be realized and used in a more efficient capacity for increased productivity. Familiarize yourself with how long-term evidence storage such as mobile shelving systems for securing property works. (Watch evidence room video with mobile shelving)

Mobile shelving systems for securing property provide flexibility

With the mobile shelving systems for securing property in place, additional needs brought on by the construction of a new technology center could be met with improved efficiency. In addition, because the systems provide a level of flexibility unmatched by other storage methods of similar design, the long term evidence storage was easy to manipulate when it came to needing additional storage capacity. It provided plenty of room for the lab to improve upon the methods used when securing evidence yet to be logged or processed for storage.

Mobile shelving systems for securing property improve accessibility

mobile storage shelving for securing propertyBecause there was now more storage capacity available, everything from ammunition and case files to tires and computers could be stored in a more centralized manner for added convenience. It meant for inventory could be better monitored. Better access to what the technicians needed, when they needed it to be more productive was also established, as a result of using the mobile shelving systems for securing property. Frequently questions about mobile shelving systems for securing property are answered. (Watch video)

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