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Last updated: January 12, 2016

Keyless Key Pad Locks for File Cabinets

file cabinets locking drawers doors storage keylessKeyless key pads are a cost-effective security accessory for locking drawers and doors on file cabinets and other storage solutions. The keyless key pads are a valuable security solution for a wide variety of door and drawer storage products in any market and are easy to install, program, and use. Checkout our keyless key pad lockers.

The key pads are available in vertical orientations for drawers and horizontal orientations for drawers with a modern and attractive look that provides exceptional technological functionality.

Keyless Key Pad Features & Benefits

Features and benefits of the keyless key pad locks for locking drawers and doors on cabinets include:

  • Controlled access: Easily program up to three access level codes (Master, Supervisor, User) for enterprise security management. Codes can be erased and new codes can be programmed.
  • Compatibility with existing Spacesaver® drawers and doors with standard key locks
  • Optional control key-fob (infrared) that can be paired with as many electronic locks as you need. Once paired, the control key-fob provides master level access and programmability.key pad keyless file cabinets locks
  • Modern, sleek, and comparatively smaller and low-profile design
  • LED indicators in green, red, and yellow flash to indicate operating conditions
  • Concealed and secure coin-cell battery that can operate in excess of 5 years before needing to be replaced
  • Conveniently accessed battery that can be easily changed without having to remove the lock body from the door or drawer

The electronic lock kit retrofits to the existing lock core of Spacesaver's doors and drawers, which allows for easy and quick installation. Electronic keyless key pad locks are available as an upgrade option to the key locks ordered with Spacesaver's hinged doors, storage drawers, and file drawer cabinets.

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