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Last updated: March 11, 2019

Reasons to choose industrial wire mesh storage partitions

industrial wire mesh storage partitionsExperts outline the benefits of using industrial wire mesh storage partitions rather than solid sheet metal panels in this case study. As sturdy solutions, either can help facilities create modular walls or secure enclosures in the workplace. Unique qualities place one above the other whenever users must find the right solution to meet this need. Read on to find out why experts prefer it when asked about options that ensure safety, security, and more in the workplace.

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Unlike solid sheet metal panels, industrial wire mesh storage partitions allow users to see contents secured inside. Able to recognize stored items, personnel avoids risking anyone's safety during retrieval. Those handling materials manage item picking with more efficient accuracy too, increasing workflow. Staff can keep an eye on others and easily interact with one another whenever needed.

solid sheet metal panelsSystems provide airflow as well, keeping materials within the secure enclosures in good condition and performing well during use. With air circulating, the indoor temperature avoids reaching an uncomfortable level. Personnel working in the space then avoids feeling unwell and needing to go home during busy times. Rather, facilities have efficient manpower on hand to manage workflow demands.

Adding a top to the industrial wire mesh storage partitions ensures users have access to the most secure space or enclosure. Using an alternative made from welded sheet metal can affect a facility's overhead lighting and fire safety sprinkler efficiency. You don't need to modify these components to accommodate the wire screens, simplifying integration. The systems cost less than the solid sheet metal panels, making it a more affordable solution. Experts can provide units that meet government regulations and requirements or personal preferences and more.

Watch a video that highlights the industrial wire storage partitions.

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