Cost Saving and Revenue Generating Storage Systems

reduce storage costs save space generate profits TX OK AR TN KS Houston Memphis Ft Worth Little Rock San Antonio Dallas Kansas Seattle Oklahoma City Austin TulsaMost organizations pay less attention to storage areas than other areas of their business because storage areas are viewed as an operating cost and not a Revenue Generating Storage investment (view material handling storage image gallery). But taking a closer look at your storage areas may provide some substantial opportunities to generate revenues while offering an industrial cost savings to your bottom line.

Is Your Facility Designed To Cut Costs And Generate Profits

A well planned income generating storage area is represented by the following traits:

compact rolling pallet racks texas oklahoma arkansas kansas tennessee washington montana alaska

  • Worker safety and ergonomics (eliminates climbing, stooping, bending, etc…)
  • Streamline the flow of materials
  • Enhances productivity
  • Improves customer service
  • Provides inventory control management
  • Saves floorspace
  • Prevents new construction, building expansions, and additional offsite storage facilities
  • Provides long term operating cost reductions (utilities, insurance)
  • Provides a quick Return On Investment payback
  • Security of inventory from pilferage and dust
  • Increases worker morale

Examples Of Well Planned Storage Solutions

The result of a well designed storage area will have a direct and positive effect on your organization’s efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Below are examples of other businesses that have taken advantage of material handling storage equipment solutions to make their organization more profitable by using well planned storage systems in their facilities.

  • A precision metal products fabricator stores incoming raw materials and tooling on rolling compact mobile pallet racking system adjacent to loading dock, creating floorspace to prevent an expensive building expansion and use their existing floor space and utilities more efficiently.
  • Dairy food industry supplier avoided building a second finished-goods warehouse by installing a 158 foot long compact mobile pallet rack system in their existing warehouse.
  • Computer assembly plant relocated small parts from off-site warehouse to compact shelving system located adjacent to production area enhancing productivity and eliminating overhead costs associated with the off-site warehouse. In addition, the flow of work and materials were streamlined and order turn around times were improved and at less cost.
  • Pharmaceutical firm uses compact high density shelving to double their storage of frozen antibiotics in storage freezers, saving over $200,000 investment in new freezers. In addition, the corporation cut energy costs by 50%.
  • Textile weaving mill reduced storage space on plant floor by 30% and increased storage capacity by 25% by relocating loom beam racks on heavy-duty mobile pallet racking carriages.

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Southwest Solutions Group specializes in space saving storage solutions to cut costs, enhance productivity, and generate profits. Our knowledgeable sales engineers are experienced and trained to listen to your requirements and identify areas of your operation that justify improvement. After we fully understand your storage and productivity needs, our team of efficiency planners will provide a comprehensive proposal with plan drawings for your review. Call us toll free today at 1-800-803-1083 or contact us.



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