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Industrial Vending Machines

Improve Your Handling of Consumable Inventory With Industrial Vending Machines

Indirect inventory can be challenging to track and manage, but if you don’t keep a close eye on it, you may end up dealing with overordering, stockouts, or employees who overuse items with no consequences.

How can you keep better track of your consumable inventory? The answer is an industrial vending machine from Southwest Solutions.

What Are Industrial Vending Machines?

Instead of dispensing tasty treats or soft drinks, a tool vending machine provides your employees with the items they need while keeping track of each transaction and your inventory levels for each SKU. No money changes hands. Instead, your employees can use their employee badges to access the inventory machine and obtain the tools they need.

Our inventory machines are flexible enough to carry a wide range of items, including everything from tiny lugnuts to PPE, valve fittings, gauges, and even radios and laptops.

Each machine is powered by special software that automatically tracks access, inventory levels, and usage of your items. The software can even reorder supplies, so you never have a costly stockout that halts production.

The Benefits of Vending Machines for Industrial Supplies

The main benefit of our industrial vending machine is that it gives you complete visibility of your indirect inventory. This can help you avoid over-ordering supplies or running out. The machine can also be placed right on your factory floor at the point of use, so your workers don’t need to waste time walking to a storeroom or tool crib. 

Finally, the inventory vending machine holds your employees accountable for the items they use. This can help you understand usage patterns and prevent the overuse of inventory. If pilferage is an issue in your business, you may want to consider our high-security supply vending machines or our industrial tool security cabinets with RFID tracking

Gain More Visibility With Our Tool Vending Machine

In this competitive business environment, everything matters, including your indirect inventory. Keep better track of it with our industrial vending machines and increase your asset tracking with our other industrial and material handling solutions. We believe that small improvements to how a business manages its inventory can pay big dividends in the long run. Contact us to request a quote. 

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