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High Density Mobile Systems & Stationary Shelf maximize storage capacity

high density mobile systemsAn engineering firm had high density mobile systems and stationary shelf brought in to complete, as well as complement a recent consolidation of office space. The combination of the two storage systems add access and space efficiency to the environment, while effectively lending a hand forwards efforts made to lower leasing costs and overhead. By integrating this particular combination of storage into the space where the firm worked out of, it was able to facilitate an exchange of communication, as well as bring the engineering department together. This is because both strategically function to maximize storage capacity in any footprint, while supporting the application of an open design. Use high density mobile systems to optimize floor space and increase storage capacity.

Stationary shelf provides more flexibility

stationary shelfBecause the shelving is adaptable, they can be easily be modified to accommodate your needs. In this case, in particular, the stationary shelf worked well to add access and space efficiency to the setting because it kept highly-accessed materials and data in close proximity to the point of need. Additional flexibility for the firm was achieved by using the double-sided shelving, as well. This is because it served in a dual capacity by working as a room divider between office groupings.

High density mobile systems save space

Because high density mobile systems easily condense with either the turn of a handle or push of a button, they are designed to save space. This allowed for the firm to store infrequently-accessed engineering reference materials in a more ergonomically-friendly and organized fashion for convenient use when needed, without disrupting the flow of productivity. And, in an effort to address floor-loading concerns, which were created by storing the less-used materials on the high density mobile systems, carbon fiber strips were applied to support beams and secured with epoxy. This worked to ensure the weight load under the floor was evenly distributed. High density mobile systems and stationary shelf add access and space efficiency, but we offer many storage solutions to meet your business and office needs.add access and space efficiency

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