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Height adjustable desks & workstations provide flexibility

height adjustable desks and workstationsAccommodate the needs of your employees better and contribute to improving their health by having them work from adjustable desks and workstations. In doing so, you will effectively improve efficiency and productivity at work. This is because these work surfaces provide a range of flexibility that makes adapting the furniture easy, allowing for optimal user ability. In addition, since these adjustable desks and workstations can be set at various positions, it allows for employees to be more agile while working. Health issues that arise from sitting or standing for extended periods of time will be lower as a result. This will lead to substantial savings where health-care costs are concerned. Morale in the office will also be much improved. In addition to height adjustable desks and workstations, designed to improve efficiency and productivity at work, we also offer monitor stands for sitting and standing that are ergonomically adjustable. Watch them in action, here.

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Features of height adjustable desks & workstations

These height adjustable desks and workstations, designed to improve efficiency and productivity at work, come in a laminate finish and two color options. Birch and speckled gray matrix melamine are the color choices available for these height adjustable desks and workstations, while the frames for both options are black. Additional features include:improve efficiency and productivity at work

  • Electric-drive, push button operation
  • Travel range is 16" from 26" to 42"
  • Up to 150 pounds of weight is silently supported with ease
  • Patented glide system maximizes stability and alignment
  • Ideal for when adding to existing panel system workstations is needed
  • Meets or exceeds BIFMA standards and BSR/HFES 100 standards

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides consultation and design services of height adjustable desks and workstations. Consultations are provided free of charge and available for determining you and your business's exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a storage specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

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