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Inventory Management of Medical Products for Material Managers

Medical equipment and technology are converging to better meet the complex task of managing product inventory within the healthcare industry. Material managers in hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, dental practices, or anywhere medical products are kept need efficient ways to store and control their inventory of medical supplies. Spacesaver’s® FrameWRX™ storage shelving system with RFID technology can revolutionize the way material managers store and control medical products and supplies.

FrameWRX Bin Shelving for Managing Medical Products

With the FrameWRX medical products storage shelving system, you get the exact storage you need; where, when and how you want it, now and into the future. The FrameWRX shelving can be configured in an infinite number of ways, which gives you unlimited options for how to store your medical products, and it can be adapted to meet any plans you have for future growth or changes. There is also an extremely large variety of supplies that can be stored in the FrameWRX Shelving. Here are just a few of the storage uses:

  • Pharmaceutical Medicines and Medication Products
  • Disposable Gloves, Needles, Syringes and Medical Supplies
  • EMS Supply Products
  • Hospital Equipment Parts
  • Surgical Products, OR Instruments and Anesthesia Equipment
  • Clean Room Supplies
  • Nursing and Pediatric Supplies
  • Diabetic Products
  • Dental Products

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Increasing Productivity and Saving Space in Medical Supply Rooms

FrameWRX Storage Shelving incorporates colored bins for quick identification and proper rotation of medical products and supplies. Colored bins improve organization and productivity because employees and staff are able to quickly find medical products and supplies when they need them.
The FrameWRX Medical Bin Shelving is designed to maximize your storage space by providing double-density storage for medical products. The double-deep medical supply shelving consists of shelving on tracks that slides back and forth in front of stationary shelving, maximizing your storage floor space area.

RFID Inventory Management and FrameWRX Medical Storage Bin Systems

StockBox is a cost-effective and easy way for material managers to automate the process of inventory management in medication bins, card boxes, and supply shelving in any medical product storage area. The StockBox uses RFID cards placed in bins on shelves to keep track of medical inventory in real-time.
Here is the step-by-step process of how the StockBox RFID technology and FrameWRX bin supply shelving work together to make your life easier:

  1. The FrameWRX bin shelving in medical supply rooms holds a designated number of medical products in each bin, and an RFID StockTag is represented for each item in each bin.
  2. When medical supplies run low and reach their restocking point in the bin, a staff member removes the tag from the bin and puts it in the StockBox.
  3. The Stockbox immediately and automatically reads the RFID StockTag and sends a message to the central supply inventory management software indicating items need to be restocked.
  4. A central supply room or distributor in the hospital receives the restocking report request, and staff members are notified to restock products in designated storage room product bins/totes.
  5. After the product totes are delivered to the correct supply room, the staff member unlocks the StockBox, removes the RFID StockTags, and places the products with the RFID StockTags back into the bins. That completes the restocking process!

Planning a Cost-Efficient Medical Supply Room

Southwest Solutions Group® has expert teams of planners to assist you in creating a medical supply and product storage room that will keep medical products in stock when you need them. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or contact us and we will put you in touch with a local FrameWRX Shelving and RFID professional.