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Last updated: September 21, 2018

Flexible 4-post shelving for improved storage capacity

flexible 4 post shelvingOur colleague Chuck Decker, with the help of Derek Miller, recently helped a client relocate and add to their storage capacity for a collection of informational binders by expanding their flexible 4-post shelving. The job was easily done because the shelving is highly adaptable. Its parts come together, apart, and reattach without much effort. This allows for improved access and increased storage capacity to be easily accommodated whenever and wherever needed. In the case of the client, several rows of shelving was added to provide additional space for storage. In addition, because the shelving can be easily reconfigured, dismantling and relocating it to an upper floor for easier access was not a problem. Flexible 4-post shelving can also be mounted to tracks to maximize floor space or enhance access to static shelving located behind. (Watch video)

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Accessories provide cost-effective security for flexible 4-post shelving

The informational binders kept in this flexible 4-post shelving were neatly stored and organized efficiently with shelf dividers, which helped keep the binders in place while also separating the shelf space in such a way that it allows for improved access and increased storage capacity to be taken advantage of. The shelf dividers easily attach to the shelf and can be adjusted every 2" along the face of the shelf.

4-post shelving revit bim models

allows for improved access and increased storage capacity

Flexible 4-post shelving for improved efficiency & productivity

By re-configuring and adding to the flexible 4-post shelving that was already in place, a centralized location for storing the informational binders was efficiently established. The space capacity provided by these systems allowed for everything to be strategically kept in one place and closer to the point of need for increased productivity. Greater access to information was also realized.

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