increasing storage capacity without expanding

automated vertical shuttle VLM uses overhead air space to increase storage capacityAn industry-experienced electronics company with markets all over the world needed a suitable storage and retrieval system for their two production facilities that would quickly and reliably supply the production halls with parts while also saving space in their facilities. The industrial park that the production facilities are located on is expensive, and the company wanted to avoid costly construction costs on expansion. The company decided to install automated storage systems to save space and enhance production without having to alter or expand their facility. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

the storage solution for saving space and enhancing production

The electronics company needed a storage solution that would accommodate their growing business without spending time and money altering their facility. A total of 23 units in four different weight classes of vertical shuttles and vertical carousels were installed. These systems allow the company to have the right solution for ever application regardless of the load and geometry of the product. Efficiency has also improved significantly since the installation with the retrieval process now 20 times faster. Six employees used to be required to process twelve production orders in eight hours; now, only two employees can process 25 orders in two and a half hours. Storage position displays are located below access openings to ensure error-free retrieval of inventory, and the amount of storage space needed has been drastically reduced.

automated vertical carousels increase storage capacity & enhance production

Other benefits the company has experienced from installing automated storage systems to save space and enhance production include:

  • Goods-to-person delivery: employees spend less time searching for goods
  • Employees have to cover less distance and walk less, which reduces time spent retrieving goods and risk of injury
  • 90% less storage space needed: 10,750 square feet of traditional storage shelving was put into just under 1,100 square foot 
  • Custom solution stores light, heavy, and/or long parts without having to install multiple types of specialized units
  • Order picking software and WMS (Warehouse Management Software) further facilitates productivity and efficiency
  • Mobile Data Entry devices, bins, and position display bars make storage and retrieval even simpler

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