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Last updated: April 16, 2018

Scalable Automated Storage for E-Commerce

e-commerce order management fulfillmentWith a small warehouse and a high growth rate, an e-commerce company specializing in wellness products needed a way to increase efficiency without adding to the building. Scalable automated storage machines were installed for more efficient e-commerce order management and fulfillment in less space. Overall, the automated systems allowed the business to reach a 60% increase in efficiency with a space savings of 83%. Read on to learn more about how. Click here to watch a video showing how the scalable automated storage machines work.

Order Management & Fulfillment Automated Storage

With six automated storage machines, the warehouse picked an average of 1,500 orders per day. The system worked so well that they installed three more machines three months later. Because of its scalable design, installing additional machines was fast and easy. They can add even more as their business continues to grow.

The automated storage machines also integrate with order management and fulfillment software. This improves accuracy and inventory visibility while increasing efficiency. Additionally, employee training takes much less time. Click here for more information about the automated vertical storage carousels used in this solution.scalable automated storage machines

Here’s a summary of the many benefits brought by the scalable automated storage machines for e-commerce orders:

  • Increased order management and fulfillment with an average picking of 1,500 orders and 4,500 SKUs.
  • Scalable system made it easy to install and integrate three more automated storage machines.
  • Reduced storage area from 12,916 square feet to 2,152 square feet, a space savings of 83%.
  • Inventory management software and color picking trolleys allows employees to pick up to 50 orders simultaneously, reducing pick time by 60%.
  • Less time spent training new employees. Training that used to take three months to achieve optimal picking levels now takes three hours.
  • Increased efficiency has given the business a competitive edge in a large market.

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