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Last updated: March 15, 2019

Custom counter cabinets with overhead wall shelves maximize space

custom counter cabinets overhead wall shelvesAs industrial lab storage casegoods, these custom counter cabinets have overhead wall shelves with space to organize supplies. Personnel avoids cluttering up the efficient work areas and still have materials within convenient ergonomic reach. While flexible enough to allow easy relocation, experts put the base units against a back wall to create a clean, continuous run that maximizes space. Vertically stacked shelving hanging from above with the same attractive look ensures footprint efficiency. 

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The upper area features an open design that allows efficient airflow to circulate, keeping stored items dust and damage free. The lower compartments have drawers and doors with pull handles that allow safe, ergonomic use whenever staff needs item access. Materials secured inside avoid getting stolen and damaged due to dust, allowing facilities to keep up with production and save money on replacement equipment. Units feature green trim that adds pleasing aesthetics to warm harsher workplaces.

Industrial lab storage casegoods promote cleanliness

industrial lab storage casegoodsOther industrial lab storage casegoods have durable stainless steel construction that can withstand harsh use while promoting cleanliness. The sturdy tables, with glass cabinets hanging overhead, span the wall to maximize space. Users can see contents stored overhead or on lower shelves, preventing picking errors during retrieval.

Use the efficient space each area provides to keep materials organized and counters clean. The tables have an open design that allows air to flow, keeping everything dust free and easy to access. The glass wall cabinets include doors that keep dust out to ensure safer and cleaner material handling during use. Systems' include exterior handles that users can pull without discomfort to access supplies.

Ten reasons to choose modular cabinets and storage casegoods.

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