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Compact mobile systems & stationary shelving maximize storage capacity

compact mobile systemsA university library, which had just undergone its fourth renovation since its inception in 1927, was at a loss for how best to store its expansive collection of books. The 400,000 square-foot space they had just redone to resemble that of the Romanesque style was quickly losing its ability to handle the rapidly growing collection. Inventory had amassed to more than 1.6 million. The cantilever shelving, complete with custom wood raised end panels, simply was not designed to accommodate such a sizable compilation of books. And considering the library had just made concessions to accommodate the newly finished renovation, occupying another building was not a feasible option. This created a storage crisis that needed fixing and fast. The solution was a combination of storage methods, including compact mobile systems and stationary shelving. The two systems integrated well into the existing layout and design and worked to solve storage crisis for library by maximizing storage capacity in less space than what was physically available. This created plenty of room to accommodate growth in the future. Click here to watch a video about how compact mobile systems solve storage for libraries by optimizing floor space.

Stationary shelving designed for adaptability

Stationary shelving is popular for use in a library setting because they serve as ideal storage solutions for materials accessed on an infrequent basis such as reference books. In this case, they also served to be of benefit to the university library because their appearance could easily be made to match the interior. Their adaptability provided the library with the flexibility they needed to incorporate the shelving into the environment, without inconveniencing patrons.

Compact mobile systems are safe to use

stationary shelving librariesLibrary safety concerns were addressed with the help of the compact mobile system's passive safety feature. ADA compliant, the system is totally automated and works to protect people and objects from being injured while accessing and retrieving materials from an open aisle. When in use, if someone or something is in the direct path of an aisle, compact mobile systems are prohibited from moving until the obstruction has been cleared or removed from the area. This makes it safe to use at any time, day or night. It was of great benefit because it effectively aided efforts made to solve crisis for library by allowing open access to unstaffed stacks to continue. Click here to see all of our library storage solutions.

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