How Much Space Does Your Library Shelving Use?

compact library book shelving on tracksHave you ever noticed that the access aisles between rows of shelving in your library take up a lot of space? Sometimes, the access aisles need more floor space than the actual shelving does. But what if you could utilize that space for more storage? Compact library book shelving on tracks use mobile carriages to roll together and turn static aisles into storage space. (see more library solutions)

Compact Shelving Turns Static Space Into Storage

Imagine mounting your shelving on mobile tracks that allow your shelving to easily compact together in half the space of static shelving with aisles. To access a closed aisle, the user simply turns an ergonomically designed, three-spoke hand crank to open the desired aisle. This allows you to maximize your storage space by replacing multiple static aisles with movable shelving that can be accessed when and where you need them.

mobile shelving turn static aisles into storage spaceWith the compact library book shelving, you can store books, periodicals, multimedia materials, and even archival boxes and oversize items in half the space as static shelving units. The intuitive and easy-to-use design makes them ideal for any area of your library, from archival storage to public access areas.

Now users can find what they need easily and quickly, without a storage system that will take up space and without users having to wander through static aisles trying to find what they need. see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

The compact library book shelving is also easy to reconfigure as your needs grow and change. Shelving can be added easily, and you can even use your pre-existing bookshelves, racks, or cabinets to save on costs.

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See specifications and pricing for library shelving, art racks, bookcases.  Various options for wall mounted shelving for books may include a wall mounted shelf, floating bookshelf, hanging bookshelf, open shelf.

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