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Establish efficient filing system with color label design software

colored label design softwareDon't waste another second organizing file folders by hand. With colored label design software, the entire process from beginning to end, can be done automatically. Compatible with any number of systems, it allows you to print identification tag data for file folders right from your desktop computer.The color labels can be added to to and side tab file folders, redrope pockets, and filebacks (used for converting top tab folders to side tab folders). Just follow these four easy steps to create a more efficient filing system:

  • Select a file folder design
  • Pick from one of four color-coded systems
  • Use color label design software to create and organize files
  • Print

Before you start, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. These include:

  • Consider whether you want to use an alphabetical or numeric labeling system
  • Think of any classification type of identifiers that would help you to find your folder quickly
  • If you purge by year, it's a good idea to add a colored year label to make purging easy
  • If you are using top tab folders, consider fileback to convert to a side tab filing system. Side tab filing systems save space and speed filing times.

To create the labels, simply type the information to be printed into your computer. Print it, but not before checking your work for accuracy. Labels peel away for easy application when applying them to the file folders. See colored label design software print identification tag data for file folders. (Watch video)

Use colored label design software for productivity

This colored label design software, used to print identification tag data for file folders, can be designed to meet your desired productivity levels. Whether you opt for an alphabetic, color-coded strip label, file converter or numeric system, the process yields a hassle-free end result, without compromising the security of information. Access to what you need, when you need it is also much improved. This is because files are more easily identifiable.

Benefits to using colored label design software

print identification tags for file foldersThere are also additional benefits associated with using colored label design software to print identification tags for file folders. These include:

  • Improved use of space for filing (side tab folders)
  • Significant reduction in labor costs
  • Human error is also not as frequent when handling files
  • Work-related stress levels are lower

In addition to colored label design software used to print identification tags for file folders, we also offer automated RFID file tracking. (Watch video)

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