Healthcare Information Management Color Coded File Chart Labeling Software

Automated Color Coded File Chart Labeling prints one piece (7″ long) file chart labels form your computer to an ordinary color printer. The 7″ high quality labels allows you to print the name label, color coded labels, barcode labels, and any other special label you want. Say goodbye to additional steps of printing name labels and then hand-wrapping individual color coded labels on each file folder. Just type the chart name label into your computer and print out your one-piece 7″ long label complete with all your chart information and color coding. No more keeping up with inventory of all those rolls of individual labels because now one file label will do it all. Save your healthcare organization time and money with a high quality professional color coded chart label produced from your desktop.

Color Coded One Piece Strip Label File Designone piece color coded file labels printing

Your imagination is the only limit to the design of your file chart label. We can match any file label including Jeter, ColrTab, Barkley, Smead, Tab, and GBS or match a special color of your choice. File label designs can include printed text (in colors), colored alpha and numeric labels, images, barcodes, year labels, solid colored labels and special classification labels that aren’t available on the open market. Contact us today and let one of our trained filing representatives help you design or match your current color coded file chart label.

Color Coded File Strip Labels for Top Tab Charts or Side Tab Charts

Automated File Strip Labeling can print Top Tab file chart labels and Side Tab file chart labels. There is no limit to the number of color coded file label designs you can have. Color Coded File Strip Labeling allows you to have multiple color coded label designs for the different department filing applications in your medical organization.

Automated Color Coded File Chart Labeling in “4 Easy Steps”

  • Step 1: Log in
  • Step 2: Enter file folder label information or import information from a spreadsheet or database into the On Demand File Labeling system
  • Step 3: Preview color-coded label on your computer screen to make information is correct
  • Step 4: Press the PRINT key

Call us at 1-888-984-RACK and let us help you design your color coded file Chart label today.