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Last updated: August 25, 2017

Better priced bulk storeroom steel shelving racks supports user safety

bulk storeroom steel shelving racksStart-up and small business retailers are craving storage. Many are turning to self-storage. It carries a less expensive price tag than renting commercial warehouses. There are plenty more options available at an even better price. Among them is bulk storeroom steel shelving racks. Its durable design makes storing large packed product inventory boxes user safe. Click here for more types of bulk storage shelving and racks.

What to look for in quality-made bulk storeroom steel shelving racks

These bulk storeroom steel shelving racks feature quality construction that doesn't compare. Gauging the difference can be tricky if only judging appearances. So, here's what to look for:

  • Racks use formed upright posts with welded cross braces
  • Upright optional footplates for anchoring and protecting the floor surface
  • Beams are "step type" to secure particleboard and steel decking in place
  • Beams have double-prong type beam-to-upright clips with a safety screw to secure placement

If any are missing, it's quite possible the quality won't be as good. It could mean its ability to meet storage needs will be meager at best. Why even chance that? Go with bulk storeroom steel shelving racks, instead. Unit design and construction promise quality you can trust, making it a better buy.

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Features & specifications for bulk storeroom steel shelving racks

Bulk storeroom steel shelving rack features and specifications include:

Vertical Uprights: Upright welded frames use 14-gauge steel. Posts formed into a 1-1/2" wide x 2-15/16" deep tubular section.

Beams: Horizontal beams adjust on 3" increments. Beams fabricated from 14-gauge steel. They're formed into a channel shape with double bends at top and bottom to add strength. Two-prong end clips made from 10-gauge steel are welded onto each end of the beam. Beams include slots for front-to-back braces.

Decking: Particleboard, steel, and wire mesh options available to suit varying storage needs. All are industrial grade and measure 5/8".

storing large packed product inventory boxesFront-to-Back Supports: Particleboard decks include supports, but how many depends on the user configuration. The breakdown for each:

  • 2 supports for 48" and 60" wide units
  • 3 supports for 72" wide units
  • 4 supports for 96" wide units

Wire and steel decks include 1 support for 48" and 60" wide units and 2 supports for 72" and 96" wide units. Front-to-back supports must be purchased separately for units without decking.

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