Our Automotive Dealership Filing Systems Efficiently Store and Organize Paperwork

Box Storage Racks maximize file storage space

The last thing your auto dealership wants to think about is paperwork. There’s no money to be made filing when you could be selling or repairing a vehicle, but there is a lot of money that can be lost if you don’t have your paperwork in order. That’s why we provide Automotive Dealership Filing Systems like Sliding File Shelving and Box Storage Racks that will efficiently store and organize all your paperwork. Compared to traditional file cabinets, these Automotive Dealership Filing Systems will also recoup space you’ve been using to store paperwork and allow you to use it for more revenue generating areas. (view images of Sliding File Shelving and Box Storage Racks)

Automotive Dealership Filing System: Sliding File Shelving

Auto Dealership uses Box Storage Racks for archive filing

Sliding File Shelving consists of two rows of shelving. The front file shelves slide back and forth on a track, which allows you access to the back row of stationary file shelves. Sliding File Shelving works great for perimeter walls, narrow spaces, or smaller filing storage areas where file cabinets would be impractical to install. With this Automotive Dealership Filing system you still get the same benefits as high density storage, just on a smaller scale.

The result of the Sliding File Shelving configuration is an increase in file storage capacity in less floor space. Also, because the Sliding File Shelving centralizes files into just one area, accessing files and documents takes less time. One way to make the best use out of Sliding File Shelving is to store rarely used inactive files in the back stationary shelving while keeping active files in the front sliding shelving. This reduces the need to move any shelving units while maximizing your space by keeping more files available for quick retrieval when you need them. revit bim models

Automotive car dealership filing system in their parts department

Automotive Dealership Filing System: Box Storage Racks

Box Storage Racks are ideal for securely storing archive file boxes that are not frequently accessed. Our Box Storage Racks are designed to maximize every inch of storage space. The adjustable shelves on this Automotive Dealership Filing System ensure that there will be no wasted space in between boxes. In addition, the Box Storage Racks are guaranteed to be strong and durable to hold all of your file boxes.

shopping_cart_icon.png Sliding Box Shelving Storage Systems

record box sliding storage shelvingWe have a complete line of box storage solutions online at StoreMoreStore, including stationary box storage shelving, wide span box storage racks, and space-saving sliding box storage shelving systems (below).

The units below have 6 storage levels and range from 6′ 10″ to 7′ high (Click here to see sliding units with 7 storage levels).

Unit Width
2 Rows Deep Units (35″ deep)
3 Rows Deep Units (53″ deep)
4 Rows Deep Units (72″ deep)
5′ 4″
SMS-25-B021BX4P6(stores 36 boxes)
SMS-25-T021BX4P6(stores 48 boxes)
SMS-25-Q021BX4P6(stores 60 boxes)
7′ 4″
SMS-25-B221BX4P6(stores 54 boxes)
SMS-25-T221BX4P6(stores 72 boxes)
SMS-25-Q221BX4P6(stores 90 boxes)
10′ 10″
SMS-25-B232BX4P6(stores 90 boxes)
SMS-25-T232BX4P6(stores 126 boxes)
SMS-25-Q232BX4P6(stores 162 boxes)
12′ 10″
SMS-25-B054BX4P6(stores 108 boxes)
SMS-25-T054BX4P6(stores 156 boxes)
SMS-25-Q054BX4P6(stores 204 boxes)
14′ 4″
SMS-25-B243BX4P6(stores 126 boxes)
SMS-25-T243BX4P6(stores 180 boxes)
SMS-25-Q243BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
15′ 4″
SMS-25-B065BX4P6(stores 132 boxes)
SMS-25-T065BX4P6(stores 192 boxes)
SMS-25-Q065BX4P6(stores 252 boxes)
17′ 10″
SMS-25-B254BX4P6(stores 162 boxes)
SMS-25-T254BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
SMS-25-Q254BX4P6(stores 306 boxes)
20′ 4″
SMS-25-B087BX4P(stores 180 boxes)
SMS-25-T087BX4P6(stores 264 boxes)
SMS-25-Q087BX4P6(stores 348 boxes)
21′ 4″
SMS-25-B265BX4P(stores 198 boxes)
SMS-25-T265BX4P6(stores 288 boxes)
SMS-25-Q265BX4P6(stores 378 boxes)
24′ 10″
SMS-25-B276BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
SMS-25-T276BX4P6(stores 342 boxes)
SMS-25-Q276BX4P6(stores 450 boxes)
28′ 4″
SMS-25-B287BX4P6(stores 270 boxes)
SMS-25-T287BX4P6(stores 396 boxes)
SMS-25-Q287BX4P6(stores 522 boxes)


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