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Last updated: February 20, 2018

Adjustable technical workbenches promote workplace health for productivity

adjustable technical workbenchesAdjustable technical workbenches allow users to make changes in height that range from 30" to 36" high to create ergonomic working conditions. Users can add an optional maple or ESD work surface to create electronic assembly workstations with ample table space to accommodate workflow demands. Each includes many attractive features which ensure the units have the storage capacity and power to support assembly and kitting operations that fuel productivity. The systems ship in a box and require assembly, but provide free dock to dock shipping to save users money.

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These adjustable technical workbenches can integrate workers with harsh industrial environments to ensure the job at hand gets done. Their ergonomic design allows users to adapt the units to suit personal working comfort preferences that help to reduce physical fatigue and strain on the body. Those that use the systems can expect to benefit in many ways, including feeling less stressed which can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Others include helping foster pride in workmanship while boosting morale among workplace personnel.

Features for adjustable technical workbenches enhance function

electronic assembly workstations table storageThe adjustable technical workbenches include many attractive features that enhance function while keeping costs low to ensure affordability. Among them are:

  • A 60" wide x 30" deep worksurface provides ample table space to meet workflow demands
  • A 6" high and 12" high drawer with lock keeps stored materials safe when not in use
  • Padlock drawer provides added protection that ensures extra material security
  • Riser shelf measures 60" wide x 12" deep x 18" high with built-in outlets that provide electrical power to integrate technology
  • Footrest ensures user comfort
  • A 90-degree rolled front edge
  • Painted with light blue powder coat that provides an attractive and clean look

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