Better Ergonomics Improves Business Efficiency

Ergonomics means adapting the work environment to fit the worker instead of requiring the worker to adapt to the environment. According to OSHA, improving ergonomics in your workplace increases productivity, lowers injury rates, reduces workers’ compensation claims, boosts moral, decreases turnover, and so much more. At the end of the day, ergonomics make your whole business run more efficiently.

The problem is that you know you need to improve ergonomics, but what you don’t know, is how to get it done. Fortunately, we can help. Our solutions – for both industrial facilities and commercial offices – will assist you in creating an ergonomic working environment. Explore some of our solutions below, or if you prefer, give us a call now at 1-800-1083 and speak to the specialist in your area.

Industrial Solutions for Improving Ergonomics

  • Vertical Lift Shuttles: automatically deliver stored items at an adjustable waist high counter to reduce the walking, bending, and twisting typically associated with retrieval.
  • Fans & Wind Turbines: keep workers cool and comfortable, reducing sick building syndrome and improving overall productivity.
  • Specialty Vertical Carousels: store heavy-duty, hard to handle items and with the simple push of a button, bring them right to the machine operator.improving ergonomics with high density shelving, adjustable workstations, and lektriever filing
  • Workstations & Benches: are adjustable to reduce body strain and repetitive movements that result in fatigue and low productivity.
  • Motorized Vertical BedLifts: consolidate and stack beds vertically to remove tripping hazards when workers are trying to access beds.
  • Modular Drawers: can be installed in any section of shelving to keep small parts and tools at an easy to access height.

Office Solutions for Improving Ergonomics

  • Automated Carousels: work in offices, medical facilities, and police evidence rooms to store a variety of items and deliver them right in the golden zone for easy retrieval.
  • Modular Mailroom Furniture: can be moved and adjusted whenever you need to ensure your workers are safe while performing repetitive tasks.
  • Adjustable Work Stands: reconfigure and adjust for sitting or standing use at any time during the workday.
  • Technical Workstation Furniture: is specially designed to adapt to any situation in public safety answering point (PSAP) operations.
  • Height Adjustable Workstations: transition from a sitting workstation to a standing workstation at the push of a button.

Contact Us for More Solutions for Improving Ergonomics

These are just some of our available solutions that will help you improve ergonomics. To get help and discover which solutions are right for your particular needs, we offer a free analysis. Just send us a message and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experienced representatives today.