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Last updated: March 24, 2017

Drug paraphernalia storage locker cabinets for storing narcotics

drug paraphernalia storage lockerWhile some have conceded that the war on drugs is a lost battle, the exchange of deadly substances for profit is still happening at an alarming rate. And its selling and consumption is not just restricted to the poorest parts of town, anymore. The phenomenon has grown to include affluent areas of society, as well. There are, however, tools and resources available to help police combat the war against drugs. Take for instance, drug paraphernalia storage locker cabinets for storing narcotics. With the help of features aimed at promoting air movement throughout the cabinets, it effectively reduces odors related to drug paraphernalia evidence and narcotics. These features include: 

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  • Interior accessories recessed from the front and back to allow air movement
  • Its adjustable baffle, located on the inside top of the locker, allows for an increased or decreased amount of air ventilation through the top vent holes
  • Louvered vents are also in the drawer and bottom of the cabinet
  • Sloped top of the locker cabinet can be used as a plenum, which can be connected to a mechanical air extraction fan with assistance from an HVAC technician

The increased ventilation allows for the indoor air quality to be much improved. This makes the removal of unpleasant smells from the locker cabinet, easier. It also helps to reduce hazards resulting from employees inhaling toxic narcotics odors. (Watch storage locker ventilation video)

Flexible drug paraphernalia storage locker cabinets for storing narcotics

Your needs in terms of flexibility are easily met with these drug paraphernalia storage locker cabinets for storing narcotics. They can be arranged with a multitude of accessories to improve performance. These include bins, drawers and shelves. All, of which, serve as efficient storage for improved evidence organization. The storage flexibility of these drug paraphernalia storage locker cabinets is additionally made possible with the inclusion of these features:cabinets for storing narcotics

  • Interior components can be reconfigured to meet your needs, even if they change
  • Its drawer accommodates storage for bongs and other drug paraphernalia that measure up to 36 inches in length
  • Larger items such as bags and boxes can be stored on full-width shelves built to support anything with a weight capacity ranging from 100 to 300 lbs.
  • Rails with easy-to-move bins help with the storing of smaller-sized items
  • Side lances permit shelf adjustments to be made

Secure drug paraphernalia storage locker cabinets for storing narcotics

These drug paraphernalia storage locker cabinets for storing narcotics also include several features to ensure whatever evidence is stored inside remains secure. These include:

  • A high quality box flange frame
  • Durable double panel door with tamper-proof full-length hinge
  • Four locking options, including combination, 10-pin digital lock, hasp for padlock or key lock
  • There is also an interlocking mechanism for securing drawer when locker door is closed

We also have cooling and drying evidence cabinets and pass-thru and non pass-thru lockers for evidence, in addition to these cabinets for storing narcotics. (See more law enforcement storage products, cabinets, and racks)

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