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Last updated: October 28, 2020

unique applications for TRL lockers

bite suit storage lockerWhile not technically an engineered-to-order (ETO) product, the K-9 bite suit storage locker for police dog canine training are a unique and noteworthy application of standard police gear lockers.

A tactical readiness locker (TRL) storage system was recently installed in a police department to use as a bite suit storage locker. Bite suits are protective suits worn while training police K-9's for bite work and criminal apprehension.

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applications & features

The K-9 bite suit storage locker stands at 84" in height, 30" in-depth, and 48" in width. Diamond perforated mesh doors, sides, and back ensures air floor to the bite suits for efficient drying, elimination of odors, and visibility. A vertical divider was also added to help compartmentalize and organize the canine training and bite work equipment. Additionally, a lock hasp was also added and is necessary to ensure the police department is able to lock and secure the expensive bite suits and related equipment. The K-9 bite suit storage locker is a perfect example of how standard tactical readiness lockers can meet the storage requirements of many applications beyond the military.

k 9 bite suit locker

The K-9 bite suit storage lockers are modular, giving them the flexibility to fit nearly all storage requirements. Many modular accessories are available for the interior. Additional features include:

  • Heavy-duty all-steel construction
  • Corner gussets for added rigidity
  • Durable textured powder-coated paint in a variety of available colors
  • Diamond perforated, solid, or louvered doors available
  • Box construction double thickness doors for strength and rigidity
  • Stainless steel lock plate and handle with locker number plaque
  • Three lock types available: hasp (for padlocks), keyed, or combination
  • Some models can be made air extraction ready and HVAC compatible
  • Some models can also be made to accommodate optional interior UL listed electrical outlets

Available standard sizes:

  • Width: 18, 24, 36, 42, or 48"
  • Depth: 24 or 30"
  • Height: 72, 84, 90, or 96"
  • Single, multi-tier, and custom size units available


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