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Last updated: February 22, 2017

Police Department Needs a Better Storage Solution

high density mobile systems storing records case files

While planning for construction on a new headquarters, a police department realized they needed better storage throughout the building. The new headquarters needed solutions for evidence, personal property, records and weapons. To make the new headquarters as efficient as possible, a variety of Spacesaver® storage solutions were used including high density mobile systems, evidence and personal property lockers, and weapons storage systems.

Storage Systems Used in the Police Department

The results of using the Spacesaver storage systems throughout the police department’s headquarters are tremendous. The systems maximize the use of available space; protect sensitive evidence from damage; make life easier for officers and administrative personnel; and keep weapons safe and secure. buy police products

High Density Mobile Systems

In the evidence room, a powered high density mobile system was installed. This system is equipped with doors and drawers to organize small items like jewelry. In both the records room and drug room, smaller mechanical assist mobile systems were installed. All of these systems greatly increased space efficiency and storage capacity in their respective areas.

Personal Property & Evidence Lockers

evidence lockers for short and long term storage of biological materialsApproximately 245 personal property lockers were installed in the men’s and women’s locker rooms. The lockers include a ventilation system that provides consistent air flow throughout the entire locker to aid in drying gear as well as removing odors. An additional 36 lockers, with diamond perforated mesh doors for ventilation and visibility, were used in the SWAT room.

In the evidence rooms, refrigerated pass-through lockers house biological and perishable evidence. These new lockers replaced the old system – a basic kitchen refrigerator. With these lockers, the police department has increased the security of evidence and improved its preservation for both short and long-term.

Weapons Storage Systems

Flush mounted pistol lockers and weapons racks were used in five different areas within the facility to store rifles, long guns, pistols and assault weapons. Each weapon is now organized easy retrieval and inventory counts.

Contact Us for Storage Solutions in Your Police Department

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