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Last updated: July 06, 2020

The Best Solution for Storage in Your Hospital

mobile shelving saves space storing medical supplies and recordsStorage space is at a huge premium in most hospitals. Not only is it required for a wide variety of activities, records, and supplies, but poorly designed or inaccessible storage can cause big problems. The inability to quickly find the right instrument or medication isn’t just inconvenient, it could cost someone’s life. That’s why many hospitals are switching to mobile shelving for storing medical supplies and records. Here are six reasons why mobile shelving is the best option for your hospital. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

1. Mobile shelving will more than double the capacity of existing space – right now.

Most hospitals simply don’t have enough space and can’t afford to construct new facilities. Mobile shelving cuts storage space in half or doubles storage capacity in the same space. Not only will your hospital increase efficiencies right now, but long-term, you have a cost-effective solution that will accommodate growth.

2.  Costly waiting times and service fees associated with off-site storage and retrieval are eliminated.

hospital sterile supplies stored in mobile shelvingHospitals often turn to off-site storage for their massive amount of records – a practice that’s proven to be both expensive and time consuming. Mobile shelving allows hospitals to move record storage back on-site, which saves money, increases productivity, and enhances patient services. (Click here to read why one hospital used mobile shelving to bring records on-site).

3. Mobile shelving improves efficiency and productivity to save time and lives.

It’s a typical OR or ER dilemma – a critical instrument needs to be replaced and it is stored in a non-sterile environment. The greater capacity of mobile shelving allows all necessary instruments and supplies to be kept close at hand. Point-of-use storage also improves efficiency and productivity in records, pharmacy, and many other areas in your hospital. Special features that can be added to mobile shelving include aisle-end storage for frequently accessed items; programmable systems that permit multiple aisles to be opened at the same time; and short carriages that cut retrieval times.

4. Mobile shelving stores everything – from small, delicate items to bulky, uniquely shaped items.

Customization is a key benefit of mobile shelving. Consider the storage needs of a typical pharmacy department: bulk supplies, sterile IV supplies, and pharmaceuticals. Deep shelves and heavy-duty carriages will handle large boxes and heavy loads; enclosed shelves protect sterile items; and shallow, closely spaced shelves accommodate small bottles. Plus, the soft start/stop feature on programmable mobile shelving keeps fragile items from jarring.  

5. Mobile shelving provides extra shelving special with end panels and bins storing pharmacy supplies

Mobile shelving can be securely closed to protect stored items from dust. Also, programmable mobile shelving is loaded with safety features like photo sweep or zero force sensors that keep stored items and users safe. The shelving can also lock to secure items from unauthorized access.

6. Items are more accessible and inventory control is easier.

Mobile shelving improves accessibility in countless ways. This goes back to the idea of customization. Increased density allows medical records to be kept in a treatment area; a constantly rotating linen supply to be housed in narrower, more accessible shelves; pharmaceuticals to be housed at eye-height and below. Also, because supplies are kept in one central location, they are easier to monitor and control.

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