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Last updated: September 03, 2020
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File Conversion and Document Imaging Services

Southwest Solutions Group's team of records management professionals can consult, plan, and manage your file conversion. Whether you are converting top tab files to a space efficient and personnel productive side tab filing system, merging color coded files from multiple locations into one central location, or moving your color coded end filing system across the country, we can help with your file conversion requirements. Some of our file conversion services include:

  • Conversion consulting and feasibility studiesconverting files records management
  • Conversion project management
  • Information and database development
  • Records retention schedules and compliance
  • Conversion to color coded side tab files
  • Imaging and electronic file conversions
  • Barcode file tracking conversions
  • Merging/consolidating multiple filing systems into one centralized file system
  • File moves
  • Purging files and documents
  • Document Destruction

Here is What One of Our Many Clients Said About Our File Conversion Services

"They determined our file folder volume needs, provided all of the conversion supplies, generated the bar codes and color labels ahead of time and then brought in a file conversion team to complete the transfer. The operation was clean and simple. We would never have been able to have completed it utilizing only our staff."

File Conversion Planning and Project Records Management Services

Southwest Solutions Group's team of conversion specialist understands the principles of good records management standards. We have the knowledge to consult with you to determine your requirements and convert your documents to a more efficient and productive system. Contact us today for a free consultation about your filing system.


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