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Both Paperless and Paper-Based File Storage Solutions for a Property Management Company

A large property management company needed a way to centralize and secure their 14,000 paper-based records, while making lease documents accessible to all their regional offices without redundancy and inconsistency. The solution to the company’s file storage and accessibility challenges was two-fold – provide document imaging services to scan all of the paper lease records and keep them in a company-wide electronic record management system; and create a centralized, secure storage area at the corporate headquarters for housing paper-based records. (Try Our Document Imaging Services Free)

Document Imaging Services for Creating an Electronic Record Management System to Solve File Storage Problems

transition to an electronic records managament system Corpus Christi Harlingen McAllen Tulsa Norman Little Rock Fort Smith Fayetteville MemphisThe property management company, which owns/manages 610 buildings and 14,000 tenants within major metropolitan areas across the country, had thousands of paper lease records stored primarily at its central office. Some back-up records were kept at its 25 regional offices for client services purposes. Client files were often incomplete at any one location and unique documents were fragmented between locations. To fulfill a customer’s document request at a regional office, files were photocopied at the central office and mailed overnight to the requesting regional office. This decentralization created filing inefficiencies and made accessing records and servicing customers difficult.

High Density File Storage Shelving Manhattan Houston Beaumont Victoria San Antonio Kansas City Wichita LawrenceThe file storage project was started with document imaging services to create the electronic record management system. A twelve person team was provided for document imaging. They scanned the 14,000 lease records, indexed the documents within each file according to a list of 65 specific criteria, and worked with regional offices to gather any missing and decentralized file data. Scanned documents were previewed online for accuracy before being made available in the company wide electronic record management system. The complete paper-based lease files were then sorted by property building number, color-coded for easy indexing and accessibility, and securely stored on high density shelving in a central file storage center.

Results From Our Document Imaging Services and the Company’s New Electronic Record Management System

The result of the document imaging services we provided is an easily accessible, searchable and secure electronic record management system that has increased productivity and efficiency while drastically eliminating the inconvenience of hard copy requests. Also, the high density shelving for paper-based file storage has helped to keep documents organized in the central office.

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We provide document imaging services for businesses that want an electronic record management system in addition to providing paper-based file storage solutions. If you would like to try our document imaging services, click here for our free offer. You can also contact us by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to learn more about all of our file storage solutions.