Roller solar shades afford tranquility and comfort for office environments, outdoor restaurant patios, and other commercial facilities. These motorized commercial shades roll up and down over windows or patios to screen out sun, wind, and insects, regulate temperature, and provide privacy. Read about all our rolling shutters and shade products.

Rolling solar shades are both functional and aesthetic, protecting people and facilities from damaging UV rays while maintaining natural lighting and a neat, modern appearance. The roller shades operate effortlessly and are available in various configurations to suit your facility’s needs. Read on to learn how roller solar shades work, their most common applications, and their manifold benefits.

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How Roller Solar Shades Work

solar shades motorizedThe retractable rolling solar shades mount over windows, lowering or lifting at the flip of a switch or push of a button. The screens roll up in a compact box housing unit above the window when retracted. The solar shade systems feature a slim bottom bar and sleek guide rails that keep the shades safely in place.

The roller shades are integrated with cutting-edge motorized technology to guarantee effortless operation and long-lasting performance. You can control the solar roller shades by a switch, remote, Wi-Fi, or mobile app. You can also use the app to program the solar shades to operate on an automatic schedule.

The retractable solar screens can be housed in a single unit with rolling shutter doors as a versatile option for closing off spaces or adding security to a commercial facility. Learn more about rolling security shutters here.

Features and specifications of roller solar shades include:

  • Environmentally friendly commercial-grade aluminum frame construction
  • Minimal size extruded aluminum box housing (4” or 5”)
  • Available in three standard frame colors or custom colors
  • Insect, vinyl, and clear vinyl screen curtain options
  • 10 screen textile options
  • Up to 19’ high and 19’ wide
  • Provides up to 100% UV blockage
  • LEED-certified

Roller Solar Shade Applications

solar shadesThe rolling solar shades are a versatile solution for several commercial applications, a few of which are below.

Office Window Shades

Roller solar shades are an excellent investment for office buildings. The window screens protect employees and office space from damaging sunlight and reduce glare. With various screening levels ranging from zero to total blackout, you can still let in natural daylight to create a healthy and comfortable working environment.

Other applications that can utilize solar shades for windows include:

  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Hotels
  • Retail stores

Outdoor Restaurant Patio Screens

window shutter screenRoller solar shades are a great way to screen off outdoor eating areas for restaurants. In addition to screening out excessive sunlight, the solar shades block insects and shelter the patio from wind and weather. The solar screens also help to regulate the temperature within the enclosure, creating a more comfortable environment for restaurant patrons to enjoy meals year-round.

Interior Room Dividers

A less conventional usage for roller solar shades is as a shutter screen room divider. Their convenient motorized operation makes it easy to lower them when needed to screen off separate areas in a larger room to increase the flexibility of the space. The retractable screens also can reduce the noise level between rooms.

Benefits of Roller Solar Shades

Sun Protection

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As the name suggests, the primary benefit of solar shades is sun protection. The rolling screens reduce solar radiation and block harmful UV rays. With solar shades, you can protect the health of your employees or customers and prevent the sun’s rays from fading or damaging your office furniture or retail merchandise.

The sun control afforded by roller solar shades keeps employees and customers comfortable in your facility. The solar shades eliminate glare, allowing employees to work more efficiently and with less strain.

Nevertheless, the roller shades still let in plenty of natural sunlight, facilitating a healthier working environment and a more enjoyable experience. You can still make the most of your expansive windows without the discomforts of glare and UV damage. You can also continue to enjoy any scenic views you may have.

Energy Conservation

roller shades for windowsIn addition to creating a healthier and more comfortable environment, roller solar shades make your facility more energy-efficient, saving you money over time.

The rolling solar shades help regulate room temperatures, reducing heating and cooling costs. As they block the sunlight, the roller shades also mitigate the heat that comes with the light, keeping your facility cooler on hot days.

Additionally, since the screens let in natural daylight, they reduce the need for artificial lighting in your facility, lowering energy costs.

Durable Construction

The high-quality solar screen shades are built to last. The motorized shades are engineered for maximum durability and require minimal maintenance.

The frame is constructed from commercial-grade aluminum, with extruded aluminum box housing to protect the screens when retracted. The two-part guide rails install cleanly and afford enduring serviceability.

The screen itself is made with a high-strength textile that resists deformation. The textile secures to the guide rails with shock-absorbing zipper technology that affords extreme strength. The screen’s innovative design repels not only UV rays and insects but also water, mold, and dirt. The screens also have an industry-leading wind limit of up to 90 mph, depending on the shade size and installation location.

Whether installing the shades over office windows or using them to screen off an outdoor space, you can rest assured the roller shades are durable enough to withstand the elements.

Ergonomic Operation

roller solar shadeThanks to state-of-the-art technology, operating the motorized solar shades is virtually effortless. The screens operate quietly and smoothly; you can control them by a switch, remote, Wi-Fi, or an app.

You can further customize the operation of the shades to create the most efficient solution for your facility. For example, you can use a single remote to control multiple shutters, and you can also have multiple remotes to operate the same shutters.

The mobile app allows you to control an individual screen, a certain room, or the entire facility at once from any location. You can also use the app to program the solar shades to a schedule so that they automatically open and close at certain times of the day without effort.

Attractive Design

Finally, the roller solar shades are aesthetically pleasing and help to create a pleasant environment with a sleek, clean appearance.

You can customize the appearance of your solar shades with various fabric designs and multiple color options. A wide range of fabric shine and coating grades are available to ensure a quality, long-lasting finish. You can even add your logo to the screens to promote your business and take your facility’s appearance to the next level.

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