Unique Lazy Susan Circular Rotating File Cabinet Saves Space

Rotating File Cabinet Double Sided Access

Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets rotate and spin to provide double depth storage while saving space. This file cabinet uses a Lazy Susan circular rotating method to provide you with twice as much storage as a traditional lateral cabinet would. To purchase Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets visit our partner shop, StoreMoreStore. (See videos see videos)

Flexible Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets

Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets Put the Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets against a wall and spin to retrieve items stored on the other side of the file cabinet. You can place several of the Lazy Susan Circular Rotating File Cabinets next to each other to create a wall where stored items can be shared between offices. By spinning the file cabinet a quarter turn, you can lock the unit to secure your stored materials. These Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets can be equipped with shelves and drawers to store files, weapons, computer media, supplies, parts, and boxes all in one file cabinet.

Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets Meet Your Storage Needs

The Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets from StoreMoreStore ship ready to set up and ready to use. Rotating File Cabinets come in a variety of heights including counter high units and are painted with an epoxy-hybrid powder coat. The office cabinets come in 19 standard colors, which will match any office décor. Made in the USA and with a limited lifetime warranty, the Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets are built to last. 

If you want to expand your storage in the future, it’s easy with the Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets. Simply purchase an add-on unit from StoreMoreStore and set it in place.

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Shop online now for your Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets! If you have any questions, call StoreMoreStore toll free at 1-855-786-7667. Their sales professionals are ready to help you organize your storage and maximize space with Locking Double-Sided Office Cabinets.




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