Storing File Boxes Correctly

double deep sliding box shelving for storing boxesPiling file boxes on the floor is not only risky for your business documents; it also affects your employee safety and available space. Even if the piles are nice and orderly, the boxes are heavy. Asking employees to bend and lift the boxes unnecessarily can put them at risk for injuries, and put your company at risk for workers’ compensation claims. Getting boxes up off the floor and stored properly protects your records from water and insects and keeps your boxes organized and employees happy. One of the best storage box systems is sliding box shelving. The sliding box shelving will use less floor space and organize your boxes for fast retrieval.

How the Sliding Box Shelving Uses Less Floor Space

Sliding box shelving is different than traditional static shelving. Even though it’s different, the way sliding shelving works is simple. Shelving is stacked in front of each other on tracks so that they can move back and forth. Because the front rows move, you get access to the back rows. These sliding box shelving systems condense the storage of file boxes to maximize floor space and keep boxes organized for fast easy retrieval.

How the Sliding Box Shelving Improves Organization

If you are wondering how to organize your boxes in the sliding shelving, it’s easy. Use the back row for things that almost never get used but that you have to keep around the office. Then, use the front row for boxes you access and need every day. For example, you could keep holiday decorations and the oldest archived files in the back rows, and your active file boxes in the front rows.

shopping_cart_icon.png Sliding Box Shelving Storage Systems   

We have a complete line of box storage solutions online at StoreMoreStore, including stationary box storage shelving, wide span box storage racks, and space saving sliding box storage shelving systems (below).

The units below have 6 storage levels and range from 6′ 10″ to 7′ high (Click here to see sliding units with 7 storage levels).

Unit Width 2 Rows Deep Units
(35″ deep)
3 Rows Deep Units
(53″ deep)
4 Rows Deep Units
(72″ deep)

For layout assistance, call us at 1-800-803-1083.

5′ 4″ SMS-25-B021BX4P6(stores 36 boxes) SMS-25-T021BX4P6(stores 48 boxes) SMS-25-Q021BX4P6(stores 60 boxes) record box sliding storage shelving
7′ 4″ SMS-25-B221BX4P6(stores 54 boxes) SMS-25-T221BX4P6(stores 72 boxes) SMS-25-Q221BX4P6(stores 90 boxes)
10′ 10″ SMS-25-B232BX4P6(stores 90 boxes) SMS-25-T232BX4P6(stores 126 boxes) SMS-25-Q232BX4P6(stores 162 boxes)
12′ 10″ SMS-25-B054BX4P6(stores 108 boxes) SMS-25-T054BX4P6(stores 156 boxes) SMS-25-Q054BX4P6(stores 204 boxes)
14′ 4″ SMS-25-B243BX4P6(stores 126 boxes) SMS-25-T243BX4P6(stores 180 boxes) SMS-25-Q243BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
15′ 4″ SMS-25-B065BX4P6(stores 132 boxes) SMS-25-T065BX4P6(stores 192 boxes) SMS-25-Q065BX4P6(stores 252 boxes)
17′ 10″ SMS-25-B254BX4P6(stores 162 boxes) SMS-25-T254BX4P6(stores 234 boxes) SMS-25-Q254BX4P6(stores 306 boxes)
20′ 4″ SMS-25-B087BX4P(stores 180 boxes) SMS-25-T087BX4P6(stores 264 boxes) SMS-25-Q087BX4P6(stores 348 boxes)
21′ 4″ SMS-25-B265BX4P(stores 198 boxes) SMS-25-T265BX4P6(stores 288 boxes) SMS-25-Q265BX4P6(stores 378 boxes)
24′ 10″ SMS-25-B276BX4P6(stores 234 boxes) SMS-25-T276BX4P6(stores 342 boxes) SMS-25-Q276BX4P6(stores 450 boxes)
28′ 4″ SMS-25-B287BX4P6(stores 270 boxes) SMS-25-T287BX4P6(stores 396 boxes) SMS-25-Q287BX4P6(stores 522 boxes)

Many Advantages of Using Sliding Box Shelving

  • Increased Storage Capacity in Less Floor Spacesliding box shelving for organizing boxes in less floor space
  • Helps Promote Organization so Boxes are Easy to Find
  • Boxes are Up Off the Floor and Protected from Water Damage, Rodents, and Insects
  • Helps Reduce the Risk of Injury from Lifting Heavy Boxes

Contact Us for Sliding Box Shelving for Your Office

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for sliding box shelving. SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the design process begins. To learn 

more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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