Spacesaver Art Racks are Space Saving Rolling Artwork Panels


Spacesaver® Art Racks are rolling artwork panels designed to organize and save precious floor space while providing safe storage for framed art collections (view rolling artwork panels images). Spacesaver manufactures two types Art Racks. Both systems store framed artwork, paintings, and other artifacts using hooks to hang art on wire mesh panels, providing excellent ventilation and air circulation to preserve valuable collections. These rolling artwork panel systems will maximize the storage of your art collection to give you more floor space for additional artifacts. 

Spacesaver Rolling Artwork Panels on Floor Tracks

The first type of art storage system mounts wire mesh panels onto wheeled structures (carriages) that roll together on floor tracks to compact the panels. The rolling artwork panels nest together to maximize floor space and have a movable/floating access aisle to retrieve stored artwork. 

Spacesaver Ceiling Suspended Art Racks

The second type of Spacesaver Art Rack system suspends large artwork panels from ceiling channels. The ceiling channels are located very close together to maximize storage density. The panels are suspended by roller mechanisms that allow them to slide or roll in and out for retrieval. The Art Racks slide smoothly along an anti-vibration track for safe operation.

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Spacesaver Art Racks Will Make Your Facility More Efficient

Spacesaver Art Racks are great for museums, libraries, historical centers, or art galleries because are designed to protect and organize artwork while saving valuable floor space. Make your art collection storage area an efficient, “green friendly” environment with rolling artwork panels by Spacesaver.suspended art panels for storage of framed art and paintings

Designing Spacesaver Art Racks

Designing and planning storage systems to save space and protect photographs, framed artwork, and paintings is an important service we provide for all types of businesses. In addition to the Spacesaver Art Racks, check out our electric file cabinet for storing historic photography. We have several types of storage equipment to safely store artwork depending on the size of your collection and storage requirements. Call us toll free today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will help you understand the different ways to safely store your artwork in the least amount of floor space.




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