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mobile high density storage for special operations squadron organization and securityIn Special Operations, efficiency is a key factor especially during deployment. Officers need to know where and how much of an item there is at any given time. If your storage system isn’t set up to facilitate efficient organization, then this can be a daunting task. As a solution to their storage problem, a Special Operations Squadron recently installed multiple mobile high density storage systems to help them organize their inventory and increase security while maximizing their storage capacity and enhancing efficiency so they can quickly move on to the jobs that really matter. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

how mobile high density storage improved operations

Unique storage solutions were designed in seven different areas of the squadron. Since the Special Operations unit was growing quickly, they needed storage that would flexible to accommodate multiple supportive roles and adaptable for changing environments. Mobile high density storage systems were installed in the following departments:

Material Control: The general supplies area contained a lot of highly specialized, bulk, and unique items of a wide variety of sizes. The mobile high density storage systems are able store everything from large bulletproof vests to small insignia items safely and systematically. Small items are stored in drawers, while medium and large items are stored in shelving units.

high density mobile shelving for storing military supplies weapons gearArmory: The armory has strict security and accountability requirements, so Special Operations needed a storage system that would be able to easily accommodate these needs. Previously, the armory was stocked with wooden weapon racks with accessories stored separately in several drawers. Weapon kits had to be assembled as needed, and there was no security within the room. Whenever someone entered, a complete inventory of every piece of equipment had to be done.

With the mobile high density storage systems replacing this method, all of the weapons and accessories are organized and secure at all times. The Sergeant in charge is able to preassemble weapons quickly for rapid deployment. Security is no longer an issue; the weapons and their components are stored inside the mobile system, which rolls together and locks when not in use.

Aircrew Life Support: Since oxygen and oxygen consoles, helmets, masks, and night vision systems are so critical and expensive, they needed to be stored in absolute safety and security. When there’s a deployment, there needs to be confidence in the condition of the equipment, and it needs to be done quickly. The mobile high density systems allow more than $1 million worth of equipment to be stored appropriately while saving space and keeping everything locked down and secure.spacesaver high density mobile shelving

Scuba Support: The mobile high density units also allow for hanging garments. Scuba gear such as scuba vests and suits are given hanging storage, in addition to bulk storage of air tanks and air support systems.

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