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Millions of personnel serve in the armed forces, and each service member has an abundance of gear, weapons, supplies, and other materials that need safe and organized storage. Though military facilities are expansive, space is typically tight.

The goal of Southwest Solutions Group® is to help military personnel safely store and efficiently retrieve necessary equipment as they defend our country from external threats. Our military storage solutions are designed to satisfy the demands of each unit and mission. Our armed forces storage systems are built to make the most of available space and improve organization, productivity, and logistical support.

Why Do You Need Military Storage?

We know it’s imperative that military personnel have organized, safe, secure, and accessible storage for all their items. Some of the reasons why armed forces storage is so critical includes:

  • Accessible storage: Military equipment storage is a high-security affair, yet it also calls for top-notch organization, so weapons and other ammunition can be retrieved and issued quickly and efficiently. Southwest Solutions’ Armory Storage and RFID Weapon Tracking and secure weapons racks allow swift access and distribution of weapons.
  • Increased safety: Southwest Solutions’ high-density storage shelving prevents mishaps by ensuring that gear, supplies, and equipment are stored safely in one place.
  • Swifter deployment: Organized and secure storage is a priority not just on base, but also for deployment purposes. Southwest Solutions’ military deployment equipment solution ensures that weapons, gear, and other supplies remain safe and in excellent condition when being deployed.

We are dedicated to providing premium storage solutions to the Armed Forces, National Guard, defense contractors, and other sectors. Our industry-leading storage solutions have provided safety, accountability, and efficiency to diverse industries since 1969, and we’re a global leader in designing, installing, and servicing storage solutions.

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