Side by Side Shelving System Meets Space and Safety Needs for County Jail’s Law Library Storage

County Jail Law Library Storage Side by Side Shelving Plan Drawing

The inmate population at a local county jail had grown substantially since the facility was built in the 1980s and the current population is expected to double over the next few years. An addition was recently built to make room for the population growth and to improve facilities such as a new space efficient law library that includes a Side by Side Shelving System. The Side by Side Shelving System met the county jail’s law library storage, space, and safety needs.

A Side by Side Shelving System consists of two rows of shelves with the front shelving sections sliding back and forth on tracks to allow access to items stored in the stationary back row of shelves. (watch a Side by Side Shelving System in action)

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Benefits the Side by Side Shelving System Provided for the County Jail’s Law Library

The Side by Side Shelving System compacted the county jail’s law library storage space enough to allow for the addition of federal books and a sizeable work area for inmates to do their writing and typing. Now the jail can provide inmates with better resources and a more relaxed and comfortable place to do their research.

Side by Side Shelving System Law Library Storage

The county jail was also concerned that inmates might become destructive and attempt to disassemble the Side by Side Shelving System or make weapons out of the metal brackets. A special tamper-proof screw that locks all shelving components in place and prevents them from being removed without the use of a special security screw bit was the solution to the jail’s concerns.

Overall, the county jail was able to maximize space efficiency within their new law library that provided inmates with a safe and comfortable space.

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