Libraries have always been more than places to store books. Today, they quickly change, adding different media types and using new technology. As they hold more than just books, from DVDs to digital files, libraries need the right shelves for everything.

This is where library media shelving comes in. These shelves help modern libraries organize both books and media. They are useful and look good, fitting well in today’s libraries.

Library media shelving shows how libraries are changing and keeping up with the times. For those in charge of libraries, choosing this shelving shows you are ready for the future. Connect old books and new digital media and make them a key part of your library!

Read on to learn more about the different media shelving options, their features, and their benefits. To see more library storage solutions, visit our market page.

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Different Types of Library Media Shelving

A-Frame Display Shelves

library media shelvingLibrary display shelves are useful for all libraries. These shelves, designed with an adjustable A-frame, cater to CDs, DVDs, and other audio media. These shelves fit well in both schools and big libraries.

One standout feature of these shelves is that they can meet changing needs. They are adjustable according to the library’s needs, and their design accommodates changing display preferences.

These shelves are made of steel and are durable. However, there’s also an option for a wood veneer finish. Additionally, they come with wheels, making it easy to move them around as needed.

Flexible Library Display Storage Shelving

Flexible library display storage shelving is made of steel and is durable. These shelves remain sturdy even when loaded with books of various sizes. They also play an important role in maximizing library space. These custom shelves adjust to fit different media types, from CDs to unique collections like a Soap Box Derby car.

Their design features columns attached to solid bases. The shelving also features adjustable height options ranging from 42 to 90 inches and variable shelf depths, adding to its flexibility. Additionally, pull-out parts make these shelves flexible to meet different needs.

library dvd shelving binsThese solutions are not only affordable but can be changed to hold different things without taking up much room. A notable feature is their unique angled design. This design makes items more visible and easier to browse.

This display shelving ensures users can easily access all the stored items. Resulting in improving the browsing experience for library-goers.

Audio Visual Media Drawer Cabinets

Audiovisual media drawer cabinets are perfect for organizing CDs and DVDs in public libraries, thanks to their adjustable wire dividers. The library audio shelving is not only for libraries. Donation centers can use them to organize their CDs and DVDs too.

Added features like label holders on pull handles and safety interlocks on this library AV shelving improve organization and safety. For those seeking extra security, there are optional locks available as well.

Wall Media Display Shelving

video game shelving libraryWall media display shelving improves library visitors’ awareness of available materials. These shelves, which can be single or double-faced, display various items, from books and CDs to DVDs and magazines.

Their design is adaptable, allowing for adding different shelving components, like sloped CD/DVD shelves or even zig-zag shelves.

Library Browser Box Shelves

Library browser box shelves are becoming a trending choice for libraries. These shelves house collections like children’s books and multimedia like music, movies, and game CDs. Designed with rectangular cubbies, they allow items to stand vertically. This helps present their labels for easy title viewing. 

Library Media Display Shelving Carts

Library media display shelving carts offer a versatile storage solution for various materials, from books to CDs and magazines. These units are designed for adaptability and can quickly change in function and look based on user needs. Thanks to multiple options and accessories like browsing bins, they promote efficient browsing and display.

Tilted Library Bookshelves

library multimedia storage shelvingTilted library bookshelves are movable storage for items like DVDs. Their unique design keeps items from falling when moved. This design helps the staff use space better.

These single or double-faced shelving designs prioritize easy access and title readability. With a durable powder coating, they promise durability and efficiency.

Flexible Library Cart Shelving

Flexible library cart shelving offers a unique blend of mobility and standard appearance. These units easily reconfigure library spaces without revealing their wheels.

While they merge seamlessly with the library’s design, they also provide sturdy storage. Their design offers stability even without brakes, giving a functional yet aesthetic solution.

Multimedia Adjustable Shelving

This shelving option offers a cost-effective solution for increased storage and display capacity. These flexible four-post shelves also improve space usage.

These shelves help keep student books in one place, making them easier to find. They have open spaces for air, and users can see items clearly. Labels and neat arrangements make it easy for people to get what they need.

Benefits of Library Media Shelving

Organization for Multi-Format Collections

library multimedia adjustable shelvingSince libraries today house more than just books, there is a huge collection of media to manage. These include DVDs and CDs, video games, and other digital resources. It is important to have a system that can handle different storage needs.

Librarians can easily organize multi-format collections with multimedia storage for libraries. This organization helps people easily find what they are looking for. This makes visiting the library more enjoyable.

Preserving Media

Taking care of items like CDs and DVDs is very important for libraries. CDs can get scratched, DVDs can change shape, and other items can get damaged if not kept right. These multimedia CD DVD storage shelves are designed to keep them safe.

Better Access and User Experience

With everything going digital, things need to be easy to find. People today want a special experience, even in regular libraries. These shelves help with that.

Easy-to-see signs, clear labels, and connection to online lists make it simple. So, if someone is looking for an old movie or a new game, multimedia storage cabinets help them find it quickly.

Easy to Adjust

cd library shelvingThe media landscape is always changing. Libraries need shelves that can change too. Multimedia storage racks offer this benefit.

Librarians can easily change or adjust them in the future as needs arise. This way, libraries can keep up with the latest books, movies, and other media. Visit our online store to see our library storage products.

Features of Library Media Shelving

Adjustable Shelves

Libraries can easily change the shelf height of CD library shelving and DVD library shelving to fit different things.

Durable Construction

These shelves are strong and can handle a lot of use without breaking. Our media shelving is made to last throughout the different phases of your library programs.

Modular Design

As collections grow or change, librarians can easily change shelving units. Meaning you won’t need to buy entirely new shelving systems.

In addition, the media shelving is available in starter and adder units to enhance steadiness and save a little money and space.

Clear Signs

Visible labels and signs help guide users to their desired media effortlessly.

Better Use of Space

The multimedia storage shelves help make better use of space. They can store large amounts of media in a compact area. Freeing up valuable floor space for your library.

Lockable Compartments

For valuable or restricted items, locking multimedia storage cabinets provide added security.

Adjustable Dividers

Librarians can create subsections within shelves, organizing media by genre, format, or other categories.

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