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high density mobile storage saves space in new facility libraryThe move to a smaller temporary facility during construction had a power company administration company rethinking their storage systems. They decided to install mobile storage systems to save space in their new facility library and accommodate their library material.

To better serve the needs of its personnel, the power administration maintains a mechanical library that is also open to the public. The library’s collection primarily consists of material on electrical engineering, computers, economics, and management holdings used by the staff, but it also maintains a collection of documents provided by the federal government.

The library’s move to smaller quarters made it a logical candidate for high density mobile storage. During the planning stages, the company also decided that high density mobile storage would also be used for its long-term storage of its library material in the new facility. With this in mind, a system that would meet their temporary needs and would be able to be used again in the new facility was designed.compact mobile shelving creates more space for libraries

When the library moved into its new facility, the mobile system was enlarged and upgraded for its new environment. More mobile carriages were added and a passive safety floor was used because of heavier public traffic expected.

The library’s move came with the administration’s commitment not to outgrow their facility. Regular weeding of their inventory along with the space savings afforded by high density mobile storage systems (50% more storage capacity than static shelves) have helped them live up to this promise.see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

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